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Conquer Your Mountain of Test Automation Results Data with Visual Analytics

Automated testing can create so much data that it can be tough to focus on what’s important.

You have a pile of data to comb through in order to find specific defects on specific devices.

The only way to handle this mountain of data is with the right tools – specifically a visual analytics tool that is built into your automated testing platform

Frequent releases + browser/device permutations = massive test results data!

When you combine an Agile release schedule with an ever growing number of platforms, you end up with an intimidating number of permutations for application testers/developers to cover. Having powerful analytics at your disposal isn’t just handy- it’s critical.

The 3 big challenges of test automation and analytics

Problem #1: Keeping track of application health

  • On-demand access to digital quality dashboard and custom reports
  • Enable quick go/no-go decisions based on quality trends

Problem #2: More data means more analysis time/drowning in data

  • Focus more on feature development and validation, less on analysis
  • Ensure continuous quality while eliminating flaky tests for faster cycles

Problem #3: Integrating data analysis into your business/Communication

  • Bridge gaps and drive ongoing communication across Dev, QA, and Biz
  • Optimized quality strategy across the entire organization

Automated testing. Faster release cycles. Better quality.

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Take Total Command of Your Analytics with DigitalZoom™ Visual Analytics

DigitalZoom™ puts a powerful management dashboard at your fingertips, giving you a quick, yet comprehensive overview of the quality as well as risk areas of your app, across all platforms.  Fast defect triaging allows you to pinpoint and resolve issues early.  You can also generate customized test reports based on tags, platforms, areas, and more, to assess test coverage, understand current quality risks, and report to management.  Whatever your role in an organization, DigitalZoom gives you the tools you need to streamline your development pipeline.

Transform your DevOps with Quick Feedback and Easy Quality Analysis