five takeaways from global testing summit
January 16, 2023

5 Takeaways From the Global Testing Summit — A Software Testing Conference Unlike Any Other

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Now that the checkered flags have been waved and the finish line is in the rearview mirror, we can all look back fondly on the promise fulfilled by the 2022 Global Testing Summit by Perfecto & BlazeMeter — it truly was a software testing conference unlike any other. 

Whether you missed it the first time around or would like to revisit one or more of your favorite sessions, we have got you covered. The wildly helpful and informative sessions are now available on-demand for you to view whenever your heart desires. 

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If you need a bit of a guide to wade through all these great topics and speakers, we can help you there, too. This blog will cover five big takeaways from the GTS software testing conference and suggest related on-demand sessions that will help you start 2023 on the right foot [feel free to tweak as needed]. 

5 Takeaways From the 2022 GTS Software Testing Conference

1. Manual testers are still a key piece of the DevOps cycle.

Let us begin with a topic that tends to get glazed over in the conversation surrounding automated and continuous testing. While the benefits of them are evident — less time spent on testing and money saved — the manual tester provides the benefit of focusing on and experiencing the product as auser would experience it. This simply cannot be recreated with automation. 

According to speaker James Bach, when it comes to manual testers “there is a transformation going on where we are reinvigorating the idea of skilled software testing independent of the writing of code to help your testing.” 

For many in attendance, this sentiment rang true. Others in the industry have agreed that the growth in AI-based automation is going to make manual testing even more important. 

Suggested Sessions: 

  • What Is Good Testing? 
  • Testing Time Travel: Looking Into the Future of App Quality 

2. Perfecto & BlazeMeter are the ideal platforms for complete continuous testing.

Sure, you can have your nice meal and a nice glass of wine separately. But are they are just so much better together, are they not? 

By combining the powers of Perfecto and BlazeMeter, teams can cover all the bases of continuous testing. They are the yin and yang of testing — performance and functional testing at their best. Teams can feel reassured that their test coverage is optimal, their application can handle the load of whatever is thrust upon it, and superior reporting will help them catch bugs to fix faster than ever before. 

The driving force behind the 2022 GTS software testing conference was to help members of the industry take their testing to another level in 2023. There is no better way to do that than by pairing the powers of these two testing platforms. 

Suggested Sessions: 

  • Guidelines for a Winning Mobile Test Coverage 
  • Performance Testing — It’s Not Negotiable 

3. Be strategic and tactical in your testing.

When it comes to allocating resources for testing — especially for teams who operate with tighter-than-average testing budgets — it is imperative to be thoughtful and deliberate about testing. Start with the cold, hard facts by asking these questions: What is the probability of failure for a given test? How will it impact business? How complex is this test? 

Build your tests based on the answers to those questions. Budget, schedule, and technical skillset will always be parameters teams must operate within. That means you must focus on the fastest, most robust tests and create UI and end-to-end tests as needed. 

Suggested Sessions: 

  • Is There a Modern Approach to Performance Testing? 
  • The Strategy and Tactics of Test Automation 
  • From Hourglass to Pyramid: Great API Testing to Enhance Your CI/CD 

4. How to evaluate and select the right testing tool for you.

Every team operates with their preferred framework. Whether it be Cypress, Playwright, Appium, or any other of the multitude of offerings, you want to be sure what you select works best for you. Every application and application development process is different, so you should plan accordingly. 

The GTS software testing conference had several great sessions covering a range of frameworks. These helpful discussions can help drive the conversation within your own team and organization to determine your own unique path to success. 

Suggested Sessions: 

  • What’s New in Appium 2.0? 
  • The Debate Between Cypress and Playwright 

5. High-quality test data is important for testing.

Without test data, what do you have? You have unsubstantiated theory. 

In order to consider a test successful, you need test data to operate from. Depending on the testing platform you are using, your test data can vary wildly in quality. High-quality test data allows teams to properly simulate the functionality of your app and ensure it is operating as desired. Yet, acquiring high-quality test data is sometimes easier said than done. 

Teams often turn to manual test data creation, and that can eat up a lot of time and resources while also being hard to maintain. It is also difficult to generate the different types of data needed to execute robust and realistic test scenarios. It is vital to be sure you are working with the best test data available to you. 

Suggested Sessions: 

  • What Is Good Testing? 
  • Guidelines for a Winning Mobile Test Coverage 
  • Performance Testing — It’s Not Negotiable 

Bottom Line 

The 2022 Global Testing Summit was a software testing conference that saw the brightest minds in the industry gather to collectively help QA and testing teams put the pedal to the medal with their testing strategy.  

Heading into 2023, teams now have a wealth of valuable information available to them thanks to the topics we covered during the two-day event. If you attended live, we encourage you to revisit your favorite sessions again and again. If you missed it the first go around, explore any and all of the sessions that interest you most. 

Regardless of which category you fall under, we can all join in together by shouting, “READY! SET! TEST!” 

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