February 20, 2020

7 QA Blogs to Watch for in 2020

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The new year is already underway, and while some of us are having trouble keeping up with our New Year’s resolutions (6am workouts really aren’t for everybody), others are trying to stay ahead of the curve. For QA professionals, this not only means getting a head start on the latest projects of 2020, but also making sure they are staying up to date on all the latest QA tips and trends. 

To make sure our community is staying on the right track, we put together a list of seven QA blogs to add to your reading list. Let us know if there’s a blog you think we missed!

Think Like a Tester

If you’re looking for a different perspective when it comes to testing, Kristin Jackvony’s blog, “Think Like a Tester,” is right for you. Jackvony worked as a music educator for two decades before pursuing a career as a tester, where she now works as a QA Lead at Paylocity. Since making the switch, she has dedicated her blog to simplifying complicated ideas in the testing world. 

This blog runs the gamut from discussing technical concepts in-depth such as API testing in Postman or properly using the command line, to her musings on the software testing industry in general. If you’re looking for more information on software testing, she also periodically reviews industry-related books.


The MindfulQA blog by Wes Silverstein is another great blog to follow in 2020. Wes Silverstein is a rising software testing consultant who is becoming someone to watch in the QA industry. He has won various awards for his work, including the “Top 50 Tech Visionaries of 2019” award from The Internet Conference. 

In the blog, Silverstein uses his extensive experience in QA to discuss different issues that testers face on a daily basis, from developing effective communication skills to deciding which test cases to automate. Having worked at various tech companies through each stage of his QA career, he also offers career advice to testers, including resume building and growing within your QA testing role. 

Testing Curator

Alternatively, if you’re looking for the most recent and comprehensive QA articles instead of following one testing blog, look no further. Testing Curator, managed by Matt Hutchison, has weekly compilations of the top 20 to 30 blog posts discussing an array of QA topics. The articles that he shares come from a wide range of websites, which include vendor blogs, influencer websites, and popular industry publications. 

The articles that he shares discuss everything from testing tips to tutorials that show QA professionals how to achieve their testing goals. He also includes popular podcasts and educational videos that he feels will most benefit his company. He also shares posts about the latest conferences, meetups, and other industry events. Hutchison is in the process of releasing a new version of Testing Curator in the near future, so stay tuned!

The Test Lynx

While the blog’s title may seem intimidating, no need to be fearful! “The Test Lynx” is a blog by Noemi Ferrera that discusses all things software testing and test automation. Inspired by a talk that compared testers to lions, she named her blog “The Test Lynx” in order to evoke the various characteristics of this feline that she thinks testers should embody. She notes that lynxes are known for their remarkable hearing and eyesight, and believes that successful testers need to have similar attributes in terms of communication and spotting inaccuracies. Honing in on these abilities as a tester is a theme that appears continuously throughout the blog.

Ferrera shares her experience as a software engineer in her blog, thus offering her readers detailed documentation that they can consult when they want to try new things or improve their skills. She also writes about new developments in QA such as testing VR applications, which keeps her at the cutting edge of the QA industry. 

Angry Weasel

Speaking of QA blogs that are named after animals, Alan Page’s blog, “Angry Weasel,” is another one you cannot miss. Page, Director of Programs for Monetization Services at Unity,  describes his blog as “notes and rants about software and software quality.” He named the blog after an old nickname (and the name he almost picked for his nine-piece funk band), and the testing community has embraced it dearly as he’s grown in popularity. 

While the more “blog-specific” part of Angry Weasel focuses on curating his top five favorite articles of the week, the larger part of Page’s activity is on his A/B testing podcast. In this podcast, Page and Brent Jensen, Principal Data Scientist Manager at Microsoft/Windows Azure, speak with an assortment of QA industry leaders about different types of Modern Testing. The podcast is based on Page and Jensen’s seven “Modern Testing Principles,” which has stirred up enough controversy to inspire its own Slack group for further discussion.    


I’m a Little Tester

Corina Pip’s blog, “I’m a Little Tester,” is a witty mix of technical posts about test automation and humorous comics that illustrate the day-to-day issues that testers face continuously. Much of her writing focuses on Selenium testing. This blog also discusses other areas of test automation as well, from using HashMaps to the benefits of branches in automated tests. 

Pip’s comics are a whimsical contrast to the more technical posts on the blog and provide much-needed relief in a job that can get stressful, especially in fast-paced companies that are consistently looking to shorten their release cycles. Pip’s comics can brighten up anyone’s week.


A Seasoned Tester’s Crystal Ball

Maaret Pyhäjärvi, a tester with over 15 years of experience, uses her blog called “A Seasoned Tester’s Crystal Ball” as a source for learning, reflection, and growth. She discusses how software testing has changed over the years, addresses how it has changed for the better, and where she still sees room for improvement. 

Pyhäjärvi also uses her blog to write as her knowledge expands. She has covered experiences such as learning how to do mob programming and conducting the first test on a new feature. Taking her readers with her as she reflects on these experiences, she also uses her “crystal ball” to speculate on the future of testing. 


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