Summer 2019 Mobile & Web Test Coverage Index
May 14, 2019

Announcing the Release of the Summer 2019 Mobile & Web Test Coverage Index


If you make your living building or testing applications, you know the market is constantly changing. And there’s one question you can’t avoid.

Which platforms do I need to test against to make sure I’m not missing something important?

Perfecto continuously scans the market and maps out shifts and developments throughout the year. Why? Because building these market events into your planning cycle reduces risk and helps keep your customers happy.

And that’s exactly why we made the Mobile & Web Test Coverage Index (formerly Factors Magazine).

Create a Test Coverage Strategy Customized to Your Audience

The latest index issue for the summer of 2019 dives into the emerging trends impacting developers, QA professionals, and DevOps teams alike. It also breaks down the most used phones and top web browsers around the world — so you can create a test coverage strategy that mitigates risk and targets the most popular devices among your audience.

Plus, you’ll get device release calendars that prepare your team for what’s to come.

So if you’ve been curious if you’re testing on the right devices, operating systems, or browsers for your unique audience, wonder no more.

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