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March 31, 2020

8 Benefits of Cloud Test Automation

Digital Experience

Cloud test automation is important.

That's because software testing for mobile and cross-browser applications is complex by nature. Digital transformation together and market events make it even more complicated.

When thinking about a reliable cross-collaborative testing solution that can serve dev and test teams, executives and practitioners typically choose cloud testing.

Below are the key benefits of cloud test automation.

8 Cloud Test Automation Benefits

1. Keep Up With Platform Upgrades

Ever-changing mobile and browser releases require an up-to-date testing environment. This enables immediate connection to the latest Android and iOS platforms. It also supports the most recent Chrome/Firefox/Safari browsers. Because of this, the test cloud provides better test automation coverage for web and mobile app testing.

2. Always Available, Always On, and Reliable 24 x7

Teams must have access to their test environment and automation assets from their local PCs, IDEs, CI servers, and any other schedulers. This allows them to reliably trigger a testing cycle that can run end to end whether the team is in the U.S. or somewhere remote.

3. Enterprise Grade, Secure, & With Access to Backend Services

Organizations perform various types of testing. Some are done against a test environment. Some are against pre-production environments. And some are production testing.

For each and every test, teams must work with an enterprise-grade secure platform that supports various network configurations and authentications. These allow internal users to safely perform their testing activities.

Each data center cloud solution is fully compliant with strict certifications to ensure peace of mind to IT managers and testers in the various stages of their software development life cycle.

4. Unlimited Test Automation Scalability

Test automation scalability covers two aspects: test scenarios and platform coverage. Test automation scenarios can be created and executed in the cloud in parallel across mobile and web platforms.

The cloud also allows you to scale both platform coverage and platform elasticity. As you scale up, you can reduce the overall test execution time, which provides faster feedback.

5. Boost Global Coverage & Productivity from Anywhere

A cloud-based solution allows teams to develop and test anywhere in the world. Connecting your test environment to an enterprise cloud that spans across continents boosts your test coverage, maximizes your user experience testing, and allows distributed teams to continue working regardless of their location or the market situation.

6. Cloud Test Automation Is Cost Effective

Cloud test automation saves overhead costs associated with managing and maintaining devices and browsers in an in-house lab. Such costs can be put toward better quality development, tool improvements, and enhanced team productivity.

7. Disaster Recovery, Audit Ready

Cloud test automation offers better tracking history of activities. It allows you to store larger sets of data. And the cloud can better support disaster recovery.

Having the entire infrastructure provided as a service in a secured facility with 24x7 monitoring can remove a huge pain for executives. It also allows organizations to be ready for audits by recovering old data, for example.

8. Cross-Team Collaboration

Another benefit of cloud test automation is the facilitation of cross-team collaboration for test engineers, developers, managers, or others on the team.

A cloud allows each of the team members to access a single pane of glass and understand the project status easily, from anywhere in the organization. Such a solution boosts productivity, reduces misunderstandings, and bridges geographical gaps.

The cloud fully integrates with test automation frameworks and servers in the CI/CD pipeline. This allows team members to continue working with their current toolchains while integrating to the cloud.

Next Steps For Cloud Test Automation

It’s more critical than ever to move your testing activities to the cloud to yield these key benefits.

Boosting your test automation coverage, scalability, security, and continuing to support your business roadmap and other planned activities is easily enabled by cloud infrastructure.

We discuss all of these benefits and more in our webinar, Why Mobile & Web Testing MUST Move to the Cloud.

Or, experience cloud-based testing for yourself. Try testing in the cloud with Perfecto. Access mobile devices and browsers and integrate with your favorite test automation frameworks. Get your free trial today.

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