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Perfecto founders, Yoram Mizrachi and Eran Yaniv

The Perfecto Story

We’re transforming the way businesses go digital by making Continuous Quality possible. The world’s leading brands trust Perfecto to test, monitor and deliver better apps, faster.

Eran Yaniv and Yoram Mizrachi met in the late ‘90s at a mobile technology company called Exalink. Founded by Yoram, Exalink was acquired by Comverse in 2000, where Eran became VP of Product Marketing and Yoram was CTO of Comverse Mobile.
At Comverse, Eran saw mobile applications that were created locally in Israel fail to perform when tested on local firmware in cellular networks in other countries, such as the U.S. Eran envisioned a way to test these apps remotely in real-world scenarios of other environments. Later, we would come to call this a “cloud device lab.”

Soon after, Yoram began noticing the limitations of manual testing on mobile phones. As the number of browsers and models of phones increased, the problem multiplied – and it continues to do so to this day. Yoram quickly realized that automating mobile testing would enable organizations to keep up with the pace of innovation.

In 2006, Eran and Yoram partnered to bring together the concepts of remote access and test automation, creating the Perfecto we know today.  Perfecto was founded on one simple, yet critical, principle: Provide digital technology that helps enterprises achieve their goals and meet the expectations of their customers, and we will achieve our goals. Toward this end, everything we do is focused on enabling customers to accelerate their digital transformation, and drive quality and velocity throughout the DevOps pipeline.

In today’s increasingly fast-paced, agile environments we believe continuous testing and strong analytics are the foundation of an optimized DevOps process. To ensure that our customers, the global 5,000, can take full advantage of emerging technologies we continually innovate, developing solutions for IoT, voice activation, AI and whatever comes next.

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