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Watch Our 2 Min Explainer
Watch Our 2 Min Explainer

Testing is the path to ensuring digital quality across all platforms

“Perfecto not only delivered great testing and automation tools that integrate with our environment, but they’ve been a valued partner that truly understands our mobile vision and expectations.”

–Charaka Kithulegoda, CIO, Tangerine


Accelerate your mobile app development and test cycles using an always-on automated testing environment.
Integrate current processes and use the frameworks, IDEs and CI tools you already know and love.
Find bugs faster by running automated tests across multiple digital platforms. Perform functional and user-action tests such as taps and swipes. Ensure a flawless digital experience with screenshots and video playback.
Continuously optimize responsive web and mobile apps. Create user personas and test real-user conditions such as location and apps running in the background. Get real-time access to the latest devices, browsers, and OSes.
Frequent releases + browser/device permutations = massive test results data!

When you combine an Agile release schedule with an ever growing number of platforms, you end up with an intimidating number of permutations for application testers/developers to cover. Having powerful analytics at your disposal isn’t just handy- it’s critical.

Improve your feedback loop and resolve problems faster. Record and share manual and automated tests with distributed team members. Generate visual reports that detail which tests passed and which tests failed.

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The Lab

Speed up your DevOps pipeline while improving quality and controlling costs with our cloud-based testing lab.


  • 3,000+ Devices available 24/7 in the Cloud
  • Test Web, Mobile & IoT devices using a single script
  • Wind tunnel persona-based testing – for real world conditions
  • Enterprise-grade security layered on top of all popular open source tools
  • Our Platform Connectivity Layer (PCL) which leverages your existing toolchain

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Test Coverage

New devices are being introduced every day- it’s a serious challenge to keep up. We offer launch-day access to new devices along with over 3,000 existing devices.

What’s in our lab?
Calculate your Test Coverage requirements using our Calculator Tool

Test Automation

The Perfecto Continuous Quality Lab integrates with your favorite open source test automation frameworks.

Take your automation to the next level

Visual Analytics

High levels of automation create piles of data to comb through in order to find specific defects on specific devices.

DigitalZoom™ creates an optimal feedback loop for CI/CD pipelines through Continuous Testing analytics built for big data.

Check out DigitalZoom™, our advanced visual analytics tool

“To us, being agile means responding to the market demand. With Perfecto we’ve been able to quickly respond to what the market and our users demand, and deliver better quality apps and services.”
Hardy Seinhorst, Digital Program Manager, Rabobank