Get Started With 21 Labs and Perfecto

Executing Tests Using Perfecto

21 Labs under the hood dynamically creates standard Appium commands. Hence, we integrate with any standard Appium grid such as Perfecto.

To connect to your cloud-based mobile lab by Perfecto, tap into your project settings and choose "Grid Services."

  • Choose "Perfecto by Perforce" as your provider.
  • Specify your host name and port.
  • Specify your credentials, including token, which is required for use to pull the list of available devices.

Once done, test your connection to make sure it's successful and click "Save." 21 Labs will pull the list of available devices and make it available in your suite run.

21 labs

Key Benefits of Using 21 Labs and Perfecto

  • Create test scenarios with a few clicks on Native/Hybrid application.
  • Run your autonomous tests or end-to-end tests on multiple real devices from your CI. No extra effort needed.
  • Real devices and emulators are pre-integrated, making your experience seamless
  • The reach reporting mechanism helps to identify real failures quickly with false-negative filtering.
21 labs

Get Started With Perfecto and 21 Labs

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