Stop Simulating and Get Better Results

Robust, cloud-based mobile app testing – seamlessly integrated to speed your Eclipse development projects. Stop simulating conditions – get better results with access to Perfecto’s pool of real devices actively connected to networks worldwide.

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Open and Integrated

Leverage our Selenium Remote WebDriver and extend your functional and non-functional tests to unit testing tools such as Junit, TestNG, and others.

Test Even Complex Use Cases

Designed specifically for mobile app testing, the continuous quality lab supports functional testing of advanced capabilities such as speech recognition, location-based services, gestures, SMS and much more.

On-demand Availability

Execute tests anytime, from anywhere with continuous access to a cloud-based test bed of active, carrier connected mobile devices

Integrate with Eclipse IDE

Our browser and mobile device testing lab is compliant and integrated into the Eclipse IDE. Benefit from full object analysis support using XPATH, CSS, Object ID’s, and Visual.

Enhance Mobile CI Workflow

Test in real-user conditions, on real devices, in real-time with real network conditions across different geographies. Perfecto also supports continuous integration and Jenkins CI.

Support All Digital Platforms

Our CQ Lab is device and app style agnostic support. Your team can develop, deploy and test apps on any digital environment – Smartphones, Desktops, Tablets and Wearables.