Benefits of Using Jenkins Test Automation With Perfecto

Jenkins is an open source automation server written in Java. Jenkins test automation helps the non-human part of software development process, with continuous integration and facilitating technical aspects of continuous delivery. Jenkins integrates seamlessly with Perfecto for full continuous integration of your web and mobile app testing.


How Jenkins Works With Perfecto

Create a Secure Perfecto Connect Tunnel ID Automatically

Perfecto’s Jenkins plugin provides users with the ability to most securely create a Perfecto connect tunnel ID as per Jenkins security standards and use it across the same or different job configurations. 

Override & Reuse Existing Tunnel IDs Across Different Jenkins Jobs

Perfecto’s plugin also provides the ability to reuse an existing tunnel ID. This eliminates the requirement to create unique tunnel ID for every Jenkins job. It also follows Jenkins best security practices to securely share the tunnel ID across jobs.

jenkins and perfecto

Get Started With Perfecto and Jenkins

Download the Jenkins plugin.


Before you enable the plugin, make sure you:

jenkins and perfecto

Configure Jenkins

Watch this video to see a demo of the plugin configuration.

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Key Benefits of Using Jenkins With Perfecto

  • Full CI integration with Jenkins and Perfecto enables you to shift your testing process left, which allows for faster fixes of defects.
  • By utilizing Perfecto with Jenkins, you can see all of your testing activities within one place: Perfecto’s CI dashboard, which syncs all testing results and is built into the cloud platform.
jenkins and perfecto

Get Started With Jenkins and Perfecto

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