Comprehensive Application Quality from Mobile to Mainframe

Maximize continuous testing and shift quality left.

  • Create, execute, and analyze all testing types: API, Functional, Non-Functional, Exploratory, Unit, all at maximum scale. 
  • Get a clear view of your entire mobile experience. Test on thousands of devices, OSs, and browsers across the globe and see how your mobile app performs in real-world conditions. 
  • Prepare for peak traffic times like Gap, BT, and the New York Times. Scale up to over 2M virtual users during performance testing.  
  • Live test your apps for web & mobile as if you were a real user, down to the very swipe/click and even with image injection, biometric testing, location, accessibility testing, network virtualization, and more.  
  • Test your native mobile Android and iOS binary applications manually and automatically. 

Trusted by Analysts and Practitioners Alike

With recognition from IDC, G2, PeerSpot, and more, it is no wonder that we are the industry’s most trusted continuous testing platform. 

 "There are a whole bunch of things that I like about the solution, but I really love the interaction it has with mobile devices, the testing capabilities, as well as reporting capabilities that we get from the application. The reports are very detailed.”

Andy Brown, Systems Engineer at an enterprise financial services firm. 

Industry-Leading Testing Support 

Start your continuous testing today with our 100% SaaS platform. Realize quick time to value and fast ROI. Nothing to integrate, nothing to maintain, so you can focus on your success.  

Leverage our industry-first support for top testing use cases, including: 

  • Mobile UX testing. Understand how your mobile app will perform in real-world conditions while your backend handles millions of users around the globe. Test both your mobile user experience and your backend under load in the cloud and scale up to two million virtual users.  
  • Mobile test data. Get comprehensive test data with desired variety, leading to better and more robust mobile tests. Ensure test data consistency and simplify your test.  
  • Mock services (virtual services). Testing against unavailable or complicated services can create bottlenecks in your CI/CD pipeline. Use Mock Services to eliminate dependencies in your mobile testing to test faster and more completely.

Our Customers

With a customer base ranging from over 80% of top banks worldwide to Gap, the New York Times, Mattel, and the Royal Opera House, Perfecto & BlazeMeter bring decades of expertise across multiple industries.

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Testing web and mobile applications end-to-end has never been more achievable, through the combination of the two most powerful continuous testing platforms on the market.