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Large Consumer Electronics Retailer Reduces Cost with Automation


A Large Consumer Electronics Retailer achieved 60% reduction in cost within the first year, saving approximately €150,000.


The Challenge

The key challenges the satellite TV provider needed to overcome were competition, keeping up with a market shift, and responding to poor reviews. A large change was in order.

The company concluded that the key area to focus on was to increase automation in an always-on lab.

The Solution

Perfecto provided a solution that tackled the 6 main capabilities the Electronics Retailer needed to verify great user experiences: Functional, Compatibility, Performance, Network, Location Based, and Security Testing, all of which seamlessly integrated in the Retailer’s existing tools. Perfecto also offered the Electronics Retailer customer pricing, so they can match their spend to actual business need.

The Results

Most notably, the Electronics Retailer was able to increase their overall quality. Their average app rating has increased and is now on par with its nearest competitor. Additionally, the Retailer saw a major reduction in cost of 60%, saving approximately €150,000 in the first year.