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A Smart, Scalable, & Singular Solution


Test smarter with the help of AI and machine learning (ML). From test creation to analysis, get the insights you need with fewer false negatives for quieter testing.


We’re equipped to support leading global enterprises. We offer the scalability needed for large scale testing and the world-class security required for enterprise-grade teams.

All-in-One Solution

Quit stitching together DevOps. Perfecto is proud to be the only end-to-end solution for continuous testing. We’re your one-stop shop for everything DevOps.

Perfecto Continuous Testing Platform

All elements of DevOps rely upon each other. When one is missing, the entire process fails. Having a unified solution, like Perfecto, is the best way to achieve continuous testing and accelerate your delivery.

Perfecto Smart Continuous Testing Products

Perfecto Web

Boost test coverage with comprehensive cross-browser testing that’s over 50 percent faster than anyone else. Write your own Selenium scripts or use Perfecto Codeless. With Perfecto Web, you’ll execute tests quickly to accelerate your DevOps processes.

Perfecto Mobile

Master mobile app testing on over 3000 real devices — not emulators. Add real user conditions and use your favorite automation testing frameworks, like Appium. And beat the competition with same-day access for new releases and devices.

Perfecto Test Platform Benefits

Unified Test Platform

We cover test creation, execution, AND analysis within the lab.

Unparalleled Scalability

Elastic and scalable testing is ideal for global enterprises.

Smart Analysis

Use our AI and ML-powered insights for better analysis.

Proven Expertise

You’ll get your own customized blueprint to success.

World-Class Security

Six global and highly-reliable data centers keep you secure.

Real Devices & Browsers

Test on the real thing — with real user conditions too.

Smart Lab

The Smart Lab is the heart of Perfecto’s test platform. Get instant, 24/7 access to the power of six global data centers in our always on, always updated lab. Smart, self-healing abilities provide unshakeable stability. You’ll always test on real devices and browsers with real user conditions in our smart testing lab.

Plus, Perfecto integrates seamlessly with your favorite frameworks, and gives them the enterprise-grade security you seek. All devices, whether hosted privately or publicly, are managed in highly-secure global data centers located worldwide. And Perfecto customers also benefit from dedicated onboarding and support services, including a customized Blueprint to Success, so you can ensure you get the most out of testing.

Smart Test Creation

It all starts with a well-crafted test. When you don’t get test creation right, you experience bottlenecks. Accelerate your delivery and get more out of testing. Lean on our expertise in the following areas:

  • Test authoring
  • Test maintenance
  • Test management
  • Test validations
  • Test debugging

Plus, with code-based, BDD, and even codeless testing, you’ll create reliable tests you can trust, whatever your skillset. Spend less time creating and maintaining tests, and more time focusing on what really matters.

Smart Test Execution

Execution is critical to completing your tests in time – which is why we can help. Accelerate your test execution from the world’s safest and most scalable mobile app testing cloud. We understand what it takes and will help you calculate the right capacity to execute tests within your timeframe. Conduct more tests in parallel and run each test faster to save time and complete your tests sooner. Our infrastructure makes it simple to complete large test executions within the continuous integration pipeline.

Perfecto Mobile is completely open and integrated — allowing you to conduct mobile app testing in Appium, Espresso, or whatever frameworks you use and love. You’ll also benefit from rich evidence collection and orchestration management. Perfecto Mobile is elastically-scaled with zero-time upgrades and no single point of failure. And because Perfecto is proud to have six data centers globally located, you’ll never compromise speed or security.

Fast-Feedback & Test Analysis

You may already have test automation. But you can’t achieve continuous testing without fast feedback and smart analysis. With Perfecto Mobile, our “single pane of glass” solution reduces business risks by providing visibility throughout the entire testing process. You’ll identify failed tests fast and get the insights you need on why they failed. Perfecto Mobile can also help you identify issues with the lab, network, devices, and scripts. And all the while, you’ll encounter less noise and fewer false negatives.

With Perfecto Mobile, you can get high-level heatmaps or dive deeper with our comprehensive reports. Don’t just discover defects — quickly fix them with our step-by-step drill-down. And with our AI-backed noise reduction algorithms, you’ll get fewer false negatives so you can spend time on what really matters.

Why Perfecto?

The world’s largest enterprises rely on Perfecto for a stable, secure, and scalable way to achieve their testing and development goals. We love helping teams achieve greatness without slowing down delivery. And we do it for over half of Fortune 500 companies in banking, insurance, retail, telecommunications, and media.

Don’t let testing hold you back.

With Perfecto’s expertise, you’ll turn testing from a liability into an asset that can expedite your entire DevOps processes.


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