DevTunnel for iOS Native and Web Apps

>>>DevTunnel for iOS Native and Web Apps
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Perfecto DevTunnel provides the ability to debug iOS mobile apps on real devices under realistic conditions. This speeds the process of validating new features and fixing bugs that only show up under specific environments or conditions.

Watch the video above, or follow the step-by-step below…



1. Install Xcode 8

2. Install Java JDK 1.7 (7u80 for Mac OS X x6)

3. Install the DevTunnel service


Start the Connection

1. Open the target Perfecto Lab device in a Perfecto Interactive interface window.

2. Go to the Perfecto widgets, and click the DevTunnel widget.


Note: If this is the session when you have downloaded the installer package, start the connection by clicking on the Start DevTunnel session step in the Setup popup:


Note: If this is the first time that you are connecting a device with DevTunnel, you may receive the following prompt:

If prompted as in the image, click Open.

3. Click Open DevTunnelHelper when prompted.

Note: Click the Open PerfectoHelper button within 30 seconds. If request times out the connection will fail.

Note: Prior to making the connection, the DevTunnel service will test your connection to identify if your development station is connected to a proxy that requires authentication to complete the connection. If this is the case then you will be prompted to provide the proxy credentials before continuing:


DevTunnel starts making the connection and displays a progress bar in the lower left area (below the widgets) of the window.

If the iOS symbols for the device have not been downloaded previously, the feature will prompt you (approximately when the progress bar indicates 50% completed) to download the symbols. If you are planning to work with a mobile application and the connected device – click Download iOS Symbols. The progress bar will indicate that the feature is “Downloading symbol files”:

If you are planning to work only with web applications and the connected device – click Skip and Continue, or allow the dialogue box to time out (there is a 30 second timeout set for the dialogue box) and the symbols will not be downloaded.

The iOS symbols are necessary for work with mobile applications. These symbols are downloaded from the Perfecto Lab to your workstation.

After the iOS symbols download are completed (at about 90%), DevTunnel completes the network communication and verifies the connection. The Perfecto Lab indicates that the device is connected:


In Xcode, you will now see that this device is available in menus pertaining to device selection:

In addition, Safari > Developer will show the device as a connected device:

The device is identified by the device “Name” – configured in the device Settings (Settings>General>About):

Congratulations! You now know how to connect a real, cloud-based mobile device from the Perfecto cloud into your development environment. Try it out with the next feature you’re building or run some of your own tests on different devices to see if your apps pass with flying colors on other platforms.