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Where Are You in the Mobile Quality Lifecycle?

Whether you’re a newbie in the initializing stage or you’re confidently doing monthly releases of a five-star app, use the Quality Maturity Model to assess your progress and get the training and resources you need to reach continuous quality.

In each row, find where your team ranks…

Training: what’s in it for you?

Get the most out of your Perfecto investment and your team. Perfecto University delivers the knowledge you need to be successful.


Increased Productivity

Stop fumbling. Our customers tell us every day that test automation is difficult and time consuming. We’ve designed courses that will allow you to quickly create, run and manage your test scripts and test automation projects.


Education At Your Pace

Self-paced and instructor-led training lets you select the training path and methods that are best for you and your organization. Perfecto offers online and live training options for you and your team.


Demonstrate Your Expertise

Imagine the respect you’ll get when you’ve not only helped mobile app release team’s launch great apps faster, but you’ll also be a key contributor in enhancing team collaboration and lowering the bottom line.


Industry Leadership

Perfecto Partners who are trained will not only benefit from selling solutions and services, but we’ll also brand you as a Preferred Perfecto Reseller.

“Perfecto’s tools and support are an important parts of our mobile quality arsenal — helping us to deliver a superior user experience to our customers.”

Ron Kozoman, Head of Mobile Operations, Thomson Reuters


Perfecto is Here to Help


Blueprint Foundation Service

Whether your team includes experienced developers or QA Subject Matter Experts, our Blueprint Foundation Service is tailored to ensure that you can successfully build, maintain and execute a full suite of automated tests across web and mobile. The Blueprint Foundation Service provides 10 fully functional CI-ready automated test cases.

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Black Belt Program

The most successful automated quality practices share one common trait: An Automation Expert who understands the fundamental principles that ensure long-term success. Get your daily access to an Automated Quality Solutions Architect or “Black Belt” that will provide critical expertise for your team.

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Training Services

Perfecto trains your team to develop automated test code for functional and non-functional test coverage, link it to industry-leading CI tools, and assure flawless unattended execution. Training covers advanced topics such as deploying apps from builds to real devices and triggering automated tests.

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Monitoring As A Service

We will provide a cloud-based monitoring system with real mobile devices on carrier networks, automated scripts, reporting, and services to create scripts and analyze results.