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Be Proactive. Monitor Your App and Avoid PR Disasters

Maybe you’re aware of the risk bugs pose but you simply can’t prioritize testing over other business investments. Bugs can be very damaging to a brand. Sometimes, you’re not the cause of the bug but, rather, a third party is to blame- if you read the tech news, you’ll find new stories as evidence of this every week.

Whatever the source of a bug, it’s clear that DevOps teams are struggling to keep up with testing. According to a Ponemon-IBM study, 77% of IT professionals surveyed said the pressure to release an application quickly prevented them from conducting adequate testing. Among the organizations surveyed, 5.5% of $34 million spent on average annually on mobile app development is allocated to making sure mobile apps are bug-free.


Be nimble: react quickly

Ideally, you need a tool to exercise your app the same way an end user does, providing teams with early warnings of bugs and other performance issues. This way, they can quickly identify and react to potential bugs before they escalate into user frustration. Learning about potential problems within minutes of them occurring can get your DevOps team on the job right away.


Perfecto’s monitoring solutions keep you on top of production issues in real-time

Half the battle in development is knowing that something has gone wrong with your app. Perfecto’s monitoring solution can detect production bugs within minutes. We are a leader in the business of quickly alerting teams about the presence of potential problems in their mobile apps and websites.

Proactively Measure Performance

Proactively measure your app by getting real-time alerts as performance degradations are happening, often before users are impacted.

Minimize False Negatives

A fault tolerant, 24/7 monitoring lab will decrease the amount of false negative alerts and keep efforts focused on actual production issues.

Improve Collaboration

Our tool serves both sides of the DevOps wall, encouraging shared language, shared learning, and team efficiency.

Make Performance Testing Part of Your SDLC

Assure high-end user experiences and reduce the time it takes to fix response times and availability-related defects. Leverage visual reports, logs and video to achieve testing goals.


Ready to get serious about monitoring?