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The path to ensuring quality is changing

Brands that recognize the importance of digital engagement are investing more of their budgets into ensuring the high quality of their mobile apps. Business leaders who want to grow their user base need to deliver apps which offer an outstanding user experience (UX). This means that not only must an app be elegantly designed, but it also must have a great QA team and testing plan. This is the only way to ensure a seamless and bulletproof UX across all devices and platforms.

According to a new report from Capgemini, quality assurance and testing now make up 35% of corporate IT spending, and researchers predict that this number will rise to 40% in 2018.

Brands that recognize the importance of digital engagement are investing more of their budgets into ensuring the high quality of their mobile apps.

If you work in the QA (and/or DevOps) space, this comes as no surprise. You’ve seen what can go wrong when mobile app testing and continuous quality are given a lower priority. QA, DevOps, and development professionals understand the need to factor in UX variables such as environmental conditions (network connection, geo-location) and platform conditions (background apps, OS/browser versions) and how these variables can adversely impact the user’s experience.

Simply put: it is easier than ever to lose a customer to poor UX.

Times are changing

The push to innovate faster is transforming the role of QA. Quality must be a priority at every stage of development- it’s not just a post-production process. Also, ever-shrinking release cycles are rendering manual testing impractical- or impossible- which is forcing the adoption of automation.

QA professionals need to embrace automation or risk being left behind. This is why we’re here- not just to help you automate, but to make sure that your testing is running at maximum efficiency.

So, QA pros, how can Perfecto make your life easier?
1. We integrate into your existing toolchain

Our tools seamlessly integrate into your existing test frameworks to maximize your testing automation, day and night. Gauge the health of your app at a glance with our powerful analytics.

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And other tools like; Slack, Jira, etc

2. Coordinate testing among global teams

Perfecto’s CQ Lab allows teams to test their digital engagement against connected mobile devices and browsers. Instead of jumping from one testing environment to another, everyone can access one digital test lab.

3. Persona-based Selenium + open source test automation

Run automated functional and persona-based tests. Ensure digital quality with cross-platform testing as well as real user conditions such as location, network type and speed, and apps running in the background.

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4. Fast, integrated reporting & analytics

Quickly compare and drill down into problem areas. Share results with team members and speed issue resolution, and time-to-market.

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