Perfecto Expands Focus from Mobile to Digital with the Next Generation of its Continuous Quality Lab

New Version Offers a Complete Cloud-based Lab Designed to Deliver High-quality Web and Mobile Experiences for Enterprise Organizations

Boston, MA - Perfecto Mobile, the market leader in empowering enterprises to deliver high-quality digital experiences, today announced the next version of its cloud-based Continuous Quality Lab™ (CQL) that expands test coverage from mobile web and apps to include web browsers on desktops. The enhancement provides enterprises with the most complete quality lab, allowing Dev teams to execute and analyze manual, automated and performance tests for digital channels side-by-side, on desktop browsers and real mobile devices under real end-user conditions. With this expansion, users can apply a single quality strategy to deliver seamless responsive web and omni-channel experiences.


Today’s end-users rely on digital transactions and in turn, expect flawless experiences across web and mobile. With the five most popular devices and operating systems accounting for more than 500 possible browser and device combinations alone, brands are challenged with providing a seamless omni-channel experience that works for users at any time and across any digital channel, regardless of variables such as network conditions or device interruptions. The wide range of today’s mobile devices, desktop browsers and end-user environments at any given time are critical considerations when creating a quality omni-channel strategy. Brands must partner with vendors that allow them to test and optimize their customer experience across all these conditions and environments.

“In our increasingly connected culture, users are choosing to engage via digital channels. Every touch point, from browsing a site on a tablet to making a purchase via a mobile app, serves as an opportunity to build upon customer brand loyalty or, alternatively, to tarnish a company’s reputation with the delivery of a flawed experience,” said Eran Yaniv, CEO, Perfecto. “With the latest version of the CQL that offers full testing for omni-channel and responsive web experiences, brands can continuously monitor, test and improve web and mobile properties to guarantee a consistent, seamless and high-quality digital experience.”

“The digital transformation has fundamentally changed the way consumers engage with brands. Tomorrow’s successful businesses will be determined by their ability to meet demands on the digital channels their customers want, with the functionality they want, and availability whenever and wherever it’s needed,” said Melinda Ballou, program director for IDC's Application Lifecycle Management & Executive Strategies Service. “A quality digital experience will be dictated by enabling software visibility, management and analysis across platforms to help launch and optimize the modern consumer’s journey.”

Perfecto’s Continuous Quality Lab empowers development teams by supporting manual testing and test automation across varied user conditions from a single cloud-based quality lab.

Key features and benefits include:

  • One test strategy for faster delivery to market: To accelerate the development process, a single test script can run on responsive websites, desktop browsers and real mobile device browsers. The CQL’s platform-agnostic scripting of web apps across desktop browser/OS combinations and real devices/OS combinations shortens test cycles by running mobile and web assessments concurrently.
  • Side-by-side testing for earlier issue detection and resolution: The CQL provides side-by-side analytics of digital test results to enable teams to quickly focus and triage platform specific challenges supported by visual logs with screenshots, video and device diagnostics.
  • Testing for real end-user conditions: The integrated Wind Tunnel™ solution optimizes testing for end-user conditions by defining and personifying end-user profiles, and by enabling testing across common scenarios such as degraded network conditions, conflicting applications and device interruptions.
  • One lab for 24/7 testing: The CQL’s hybrid cloud-based testing infrastructure provides 24/7 access to secure browser/OS combinations and real devices, including access to the most recent browser updates, new devices and both the latest and legacy OSes.

To learn more about Perfecto’s Continuous Quality Lab for omni-channel and responsive web testing and monitoring, tune in to watch here or read more details in the Continuous Quality Blog.


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