Perfecto Introduces New Capabilities for App Developers to Implement Continuous Testing

New capabilities support mobile DevOps teams to catch defects early

BOSTON, March 12, 2018 — Perfecto, the leading continuous testing and monitoring platform for optimizing DevOps pipelines, today announced two new capabilities for mobile app developers to accelerate velocity as they take on greater responsibility for app quality. Perfecto’s Continuous Quality Labfor web, mobile, and IoT testing now supports both Google’s Espresso and Apple’s XCUITest test frameworks. Developing test automation directly within the code base supports testing every commit to provide fast feedback. In addition, to accelerate troubleshooting, Perfecto’s DigitalZoom™ reporting now delivers HTTP archive (HAR) reports enabling earlier network analysis to detect potential app performance issues.

The drive for delivering innovative digital engagement methods is pushing teams to shorten development cycles and test earlier. Many teams are implementing continuous testing to maximize the benefits of continuous integration (CI). This move to continuous testing is prompting adoption of test frameworks that naturally fit within the coding process. Perfecto’s expanded support works directly within mobile developers’ environments, providing fast, reliable feedback. Network analysis via Perfecto’s HAR file support identifies defects early and enables developers to accelerate troubleshooting.

“Mobile DevOps teams must continuously test every build to reliably accelerate development velocity,” said Roi Carmel, Chief Strategy Officer at Perfecto. “With the addition of these capabilities, Perfecto is empowering mobile DevOps teams to take on greater responsibility for quality. The result is high app quality and flawless end-user experience.”

“Perfecto’s support for whitebox testing frameworks is a critical component for quickly closing the feedback loop between committing code changes and ensuring new features work,” said Brad Hart VP Product Management at Perfecto. “As dev teams strive to maintain an ‘always green’ status, testing every commit is critical and tests must deliver reliable results quickly. Espresso and XCUITest are strong enablers to achieve this outcome.”

In addition to supporting Espresso and XCUITest, users also benefit from Perfecto’s capabilities to strengthen open source frameworks:

  • Analyze app quality across multiple devices – Perfecto’s Continuous Quality Lab provides mobile DevOps teams with the capability to quickly evaluate app quality, with parallel execution on virtually any device being used by their customers.
  • Test mobile apps under the same user conditions as users – Perfecto’s WindTunnel™ provides the capability to test the impact of varied conditions during build verification testing of every day.
  • Full visibility of results to accelerate troubleshooting – Perfecto’s DigitalZoom™ Reporting provides teams with an interactive drill down to pinpoint defects. Developers receive complete insight on issues with fast resolution including HAR support, providing the networking insight required to analyze performance issues.

To learn more about Perfecto’s support of Espresso and XCUITest, visit this link and read our blog post: The Rise of Espresso & XCUITest; The Fall of Appium?

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