Perfecto Mobile Announces Support of iOS 8

Greater device control during testing and greater flexibility of test environment are key to mobile application quality success with iOS 8

BOSTON, MA – Perfecto Mobile, the world’s leader in mobile app quality, is pleased to announce its support of iOS 8. Perfecto Mobile has seen increased alertness from its customers surrounding iOS 8 updates, and believes iOS 8 will yield the fastest adoption rates of any released iOS version so far.

The upgrade to iOS 7 and resulting changes to apps taught the industry about the impact Apple’s updates have on both the general consumer as well as the mobile application developer. Within two weeks of the iOS 7 announcement, the user adoption rate was at 60 percent and apps that did not support changes to the system reported major issues with usability, performance and availability,” said Roi Carmel, SVP of Product and Strategy at Perfecto Mobile. “As the industry leader in mobile application quality, we are committed to delivering fast support for what Perfecto Mobile anticipates to be the most rapid adoption of any mobile OS so as to ensure the application lifecycle is neither stalled nor compromised.

It’s likely that changes to the OS will require greater device control during testing and greater flexibility of test environments. Developers and testers should make it a priority to review updates and changes from iOS 7 to iOS 8 due to the many changes that may affect testing environments and script maintenance. Based on news released by Apple, developers and testers should consider the following when testing apps on iOS 8:

  • Comprehensive coverage by testing on different form factors of iOS devices: A test environment must be flexible to support the addition of new devices and updates to operating systems. iPhone 6 brings two new screen sizes to the market, and UI testing is important to ensure apps are compatible with each screen size. It will be critical for mobile app developers to take their existing iOS 7 and iOS 6 applications that have not been configured for these formats and test them on existing beta versions as well as the upcoming GA version to assure all innovative features do not introduce regressions to the apps or compromise usability.
  • New capabilities introduce more complex use cases and testing scenarios: With a multitude of new APIs and enhanced notifications that change the behavior of apps, developers and testers must prepare greater device control during testing, which is likely to come in the form of springboard level control.TouchID – Originally introduced in iOS 7, this new functionality is being extended through new APIs allowing mobile app developers to also enable mobile app users to log into their application using the TouchID function. Mobile app developers should consider the security tests needed for new applications running with this enhanced functionality and also assure that they release proper apps relevant to the iPhone 4S/5.

For more information about Perfecto Mobile’s iOS 8 support and how you can achieve greater device control and improve the flexibility of your mobile app test environment, watch a webinar here.

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