Perfecto Mobile Introduces its Continuous Quality Lab to Help Customers Deliver Better Apps Faster

Additional Remote WebDriver Support and MobileCloud API Enables Organizations to Achieve Continuous Quality Earlier in Development Cycle

BOSTON, MA – Perfecto Mobile, the world’s leader in mobile app quality, today announced its Continuous Quality Lab, an expanded offering that allows enterprises to deliver better mobile apps, faster. Powered by Perfecto Mobile’s MobileCloud , the Continuous Quality Lab gives users access to real end user conditions through a vast selection of real mobile devices connected to live networks in various locations around the world to leverage for testing and monitoring mobile apps throughout the mobile application development lifecycle. The Continuous Quality Lab is the only solution that supports testing processes earlier and more often throughout the entire mobile app development lifecycle, giving way to faster feedback and ultimately, improved time to market.

Leading the future of mobile app quality, the enterprise-grade lab meets the demands of a rapidly-evolving market and provides users with a tool-agnostic platform with freedom to select a preferred development language, IDE, automation engine, and continuous integration server of their choice.

The market is shifting focus and beginning to integrate quality throughout the entire mobile app development lifecycle, in order to increase development velocity and improve app quality. This shift brings testing earlier into the development lifecycle and requires a continuous approach to quality, linking to an app’s success. Perfecto Mobile’s Continuous Quality Lab is the only open solution that enables users to seamlessly test mobile apps, regardless of preferred IDE or programming language, with services ranging from manual testing, automated functional and non-functional testing, and proactive performance and monitoring. With the launch of the Continuous Quality Lab, Perfecto Mobile now offers a universal automation license that supports any type of automation tool or framework, giving teams full flexibility to leverage their existing skill sets and technology choices.

“The pressure on mobile app development and test teams to deliver better apps faster while managing quality, reducing risk, and improving time to market is forcing Dev/Test teams to adopt new practices that drive a paradigm shift towards Continuous Quality, or baking quality and testing into every step in the app lifecycle” said Roi Carmel, Senior Vice President of Product and Strategy. “Perfecto Mobile’s Continuous Quality Lab builds on the company’s expertise in the mobile app testing market and acts as the new generation of the previously offered MobileCloud, enabling organizations to accelerate their mobile app delivery without compromising the quality of their application.”

The Continuous Quality Lab offers developers, build managers, Dev/Test and Dev/Ops teams with the following benefits:

  • Enterprise-grade Continuous Quality Lab: The state-of-the-art lab offers a stable, secure and consistent environment for enterprises delivered via the cloud and backed by Perfecto Mobile’s enterprise-grade SLAs
  • Testing with Real End User Conditions: Ability to test on real devices and real networks as well as the ability to virtualize the environment
  • Hybrid Cloud Model: Devices available on premises or in the cloud
  • Infinite Elasticity: Ability to build a cloud for mobile app testing that suits your current needs, but is capable of growing with to accommodate future requirements

The Continuous Quality Lab currently has integrations to UFT, Calabash and Selenium, as well as the Jenkins CI server and many other CI servers. Perfecto Mobile is now adding support for Selenium’s Remote WebDriver, giving users the ability to execute test scripts in the Continuous Quality Lab with the utmost flexibility, using C#, Java, Ruby or any other language they choose. The Continuous Quality Lab will continue to add more capabilities to include support for every major IDE and language, every adopted CI technology, and every open source environment through its MobileCloud API.

What this Means for Perfecto Mobile Customers

Current Perfecto Mobile customers using the MobileCloud will automatically have access to the extended offering of the Continuous Quality Lab leveraging the benefits of the open APIs, support for all test frameworks and languages and the universal automation licenses allowing them to test in any tool they want with the same license. This change is effective immediately and requires no changes or actions by the customers. To learn more about Continuous Quality and how you can incorporate feedback earlier and more often in the mobile app development lifecycle, follow #ContinuousQuality on Twitter. For more information on Perfecto Mobile’s Continuous Quality Lab, please visit

About Perfecto Mobile

Perfecto Mobile, the world’s leader in mobile app quality, provides a hybrid cloud-based Continuous Quality Lab that enables mobile app development and testing teams to deliver better apps faster. The Continuous Quality Lab supports testing processes earlier and more often in the development cycle, giving way to faster feedback and improved time to market. Users can access an exhaustive selection of real mobile devices connected to live networks around the world and leverage them for testing and monitoring throughout the mobile application development lifecycle – from development, functional and performance testing to monitoring and support. More than 1,500 customers, including 50% of the Fortune 500 across the banking, insurance, retail, telecommunications and media industries rely on Perfecto Mobile to deliver optimal mobile app functionality and end user experiences, ensuring their brand’s reputation, establishing loyal customers, and continually attracting new users. For more information about Perfecto Mobile visit or follow us on Twitter at @PerfectoMobile.

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