Perfecto Mobile Redefines Mobile Application Monitoring with MobileCloud Technology

Using real devices in real mobile networks, MobileCloud Monitoring enables proactive capture and analysis of the true mobile end-user experience in real-world conditions

Perfecto Mobile announced the availability of its new cloud-based, mobile web and native application monitoring product - MobileCloud Monitoring.  This new solution is the first to reveal a complete view of mobile end-user experience using out-of-the-box smartphones, phablets and tablets operating on local carrier networks, enabling enterprises to proactively and continuously monitor business-critical transactions in real-world conditions.

This new offering completes Perfecto Mobile’s integrated SaaS product suite by addressing mobile application quality throughout the application lifecycle, from development through functional and performance testing, to production. MobileCloud Monitoring captures the impact of the “last mile” on the user experience by leveraging real devices running on various OS versions and operating on local cellular and Wi-Fi networks deployed worldwide to accurately measure response time across different platforms and networks during working hours, peak hours, weekends and holidays. The solution issues real-time alerts when a service is down or performance (i.e. response time) declines, dramatically reducing mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR).

“With mobility driving an increasingly significant part of their business, enterprises are seeking solutions to help them navigate an extremely dynamic and fragmented mobile market,” said Eran Yaniv, CEO, Perfecto Mobile. “Our solution is equipped to test on real devices in real conditions, providing enterprises with the necessary visibility and insight to serve their end-users with confidence on any mobile platform, network or location.”

As an application moves throughout the testing lifecycle, it becomes increasingly important to have a solution that fits an enterprise’s existing monitoring tools and workflows to seamlessly measure and manage mobile service delivery. With MobileCloud Monitoring, enterprises can leverage their existing software investments in order to mitigate risks and go to market even faster.

Perfecto Mobile’s MobileCloud Monitoring allows users to:

  • Capture the complete end-user experience by continuously monitoring specific user engagement scenarios on real smartphones, phablets & tablets in local markets.
  • Receive real time alerts for device or network-specific performance and availability incidents.
  • Share actionable insight across distributed operations, test and development teams.
  • Focus attention on genuine real time incidents by minimizing false positives with advanced technologies enabling device redundancy, retry mechanisms, etc.
  • Extend existing monitoring tools and workflows to mobile leveraging current investment.

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