Perfecto by Perforce Announces Bitrise Integration

The Bitrise integration pairs CI execution with Perfecto’s testing cloud for mobile apps.

MINNEAPOLIS, June 12, 2020 – Perfecto by Perforce, market leader in cloud-based automated mobile and web application testing solutions, today announced its integration with Bitrise. The collaboration between Perfecto and Bitrise enables testing teams to fully integrate their testing into CI, resulting in immediate feedback and accelerated delivery of mobile apps.

Bitrise is a continuous integration and delivery platform that is specifically built and optimized for mobile DevOps. With Perfecto providing the stable testing cloud filled with devices, and Bitrise executing CI/CD, teams can run mobile app testing at scale from anywhere in the world.

Automating mobile development processes with Bitrise improves app quality, increases productivity, and delivers apps faster. Like Perfecto, Bitrise is an open and integrated platform, connecting to the tools and services teams already rely on.

With Perfecto providing the stable testing cloud, and Bitrise executing CI, teams can automate testing at scale, running their Appium, Espresso, or XCUITest scripts against Perfecto devices.

Full CI/CD integration provides fast feedback and test reporting, which gives visibility into what went wrong in tests. This accelerates potential delays and helps teams fix defects quickly.

“There’s no continuous integration and delivery without continuous testing. Traditionally, testing has been extremely challenging for mobile developers, though. We’re incredibly happy to see partners like Perfecto address these issues for organizations that are serious about mobile. Their new verified Bitrise step will make it even easier for teams to spot bugs and errors early, before they reach end users. It will be exciting to see how both our communities use this new integration to create workflows that produce amazing mobile experiences,” says Daniel Balla, Bitrise CPO.

Together, Bitrise provides the CI/CD support needed for mobile app testing, and Perfecto complements it with the robust test coverage, elasticity and scalability, user condition testing, and unshakeable stability needed for success in mobile test automation.

Bitrise is the latest in a long line of integrations in the existing Perfecto portfolio. Learn more about Perfecto’s Bitrise integration.


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