Perfecto by Perforce Releases Spring 2020 Test Coverage Index

Perfecto’s latest Test Coverage Index helps teams extend their test coverage with global data on the top mobile devices and web browsers from around the world.

MINNEAPOLIS, May 7, 2020Perfecto by Perforce, market leader in cloud-based automated mobile and web application testing solutions, today announced the release of its Spring 2020 Test Coverage Index, a biannual publication which analyzes emerging trends in web and mobile app testing, outlines mobile device, browser, and OS releases, and provides device usage data from around the world.

With fifteen years of industry-leading expertise in mobile app testing, Perfecto is proud to introduce this latest installment of the Test Coverage Index, its thirteenth edition.

Equipped with the data from the Test Coverage Index, teams can tackle a top challenge faced in testing today: strategizing their testing for the most complete test coverage possible.

Test Coverage Is Critical to Reducing Escaped Defects

With increasingly fragmented landscapes and never-ending releases for mobile and web apps, teams struggle with which permutations to test. An unsuccessful test strategy can lead to escaped defects, brand damage, and unhappy customers.

That is why it is critical for teams to strategize their test coverage, considering not just the platforms but also the scenarios to test against.

The Test Coverage Index helps teams do just that. By utilizing the latest data on mobile device, OS, and web browser usage from around the world, teams can ensure they conduct the most effective testing by prioritizing top platforms.

“Our customers rely on the Test Coverage Index to craft their testing strategies, minimize risk, and reduce escaped defects,” says Perfecto Chief Evangelist, Eran Kinsbruner.

“In addition to providing this insightful guide, we also host workshops for many of our customers where we analyze their test coverage to find gaps and oversights. We’ll be hosting several of these workshops this spring for some of our largest customers.”

Armed with index data and Perfecto’s consultative approach, teams can create test coverage strategies that mitigate risk and target the most popular devices among their audience. Additionally, device and browser release calendars allow teams to work ahead and prepare their apps for new releases.

What’s Included in the Spring 2020 Test Coverage Index

  • A proven methodology to align cross-platform testing into the development cycle.
  • The top phones and browsers from your audience for highly targeted testing.
  • Mobile device release calendar for 2020.
  • Web browser release calendar for 2020.
  • Global web usage breakdown for Windows and Mac in 2020.
  • Data insights for countries across North America, Asia, and Europe.
  • Emerging trends in the web and mobile app sphere.
  • And more.

For more information and to download the full report, please click here.

Additional Resources

Chief Evangelist, Eran Kinsbruner, will be leading a related webinar discussing how to create your own test automation coverage strategy based off a mix of platforms, environment conditions, and user flows to guide test scenario creation.

Reserve your seat for this upcoming webinar at 1 p.m. ET on May 14th.

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