Perfecto Wins QA and Testing Vendor of the Year at the QA Vector Awards

This week, we’re celebrating being named open-source quality assurance and testing services vendor of the year at the QA Vector Awards 2018 for our work with Rabobank.

There is no shortage of honors for the IT industry, but as the only awards dedicated to software quality assurance, testing and delivery at banks, the QA Vector Awards highlight some the most important QA challenges for financial services organizations, and helps show how they can be overcome. Our win recognizes the innovation and excellence of Perfecto’s continuous testing suite and its crucial role in helping Rabobank meet the quality assurance needs which came with an ambitious digital transformation project.

Rabobank first turned to Perfecto in 2014. The team realized that its customers were accessing banking services not only through different devices but via thousands of different configurations too. And whilst they didn’t want to test every single variant, the team needed a good median to ensure that customers were able to access a consistent, engaging and uniform experience - however and wherever they interacted with the bank. This meant a hybrid environment where all applications could be tested, and this wasn’t an environment that could be built independently by the bank. Perfecto’s testing suite offered an unparalleled solution; far more comprehensive than any of its competitors.

Perfecto worked with developers and testing teams at Rabobank to automate continuous testing throughout the DevOps cycle – supporting continuous integration, faster releases and the development of a practical DevOps culture. A crucial element of the project was Perfecto’s WindTunnel™. Using Wind Tunnel capabilities, Rabobank has been able to expand tests to include target end users and their real conditions, ultimately providing predictability to the quality of experience of end-users.

We were awarded quality assurance and testing vendor of the year by QA Financial’s editorial team in recognition that Perfecto’s impact could be seen throughout the entire software development life-cycle, and Rabobank benefited from a clear and measurable return on investment from our solution.

We believe that stories such as Rabobank’s, that describe what is really driving the marketplace for quality assurance services, are important to share - and that awards like this are an important factor in helping the entire industry move forward and innovate. Our own win is a testament to Perfecto’s sustained growth, our passionate team who deliver world-class solutions to a global client base of loyal customers, and our strong focus on innovation and technology.

Read more about the awards and our win.

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