Simpler & Faster Native Mobile Testing for Your Entire Team 

Transform your testing experience with minimal ramp-up time and effort. Eliminate dependency on coding and free up time to focus on your business goals and their application.

Perfecto Scriptless Mobile significantly speeds up test creation and simplifies the process, enabling even non-technical team members to execute tests. 

Why Perfecto Scriptless?

Here are some of the benefits you can quickly get from Perfecto Scriptless Mobile.

Start Automating Fast

Fast ramp-up time compared to other tools. No framework setup. No setup of testing infrastructure.

Save on Resources

No technical scripting skills needed. No knowledge of coding or domain expertise. Reduction in investment of skilled resources.


Focus on Business Goals

Eliminate dependency on coding for specific tools or frameworks. Free up time to focus on business goals and their application.

Perfecto Scriptless Mobile Features

Testing for All Skillsets

Simple yet powerful drag-and-drop functions for test creation.

Device Support

Access Perfecto’s cloud-based testing lab to create and execute tests on a wide variety of real mobile devices. Rapid support for newer devices. 


Scriptless Devices

Greater Coverage

Create tests once, and test across a variety of mobile devices on the same operating systems.

scriptless greater coverage

Extensive Testing Functionality

Supports conditional logic, grouping, checkpoints, looping, and many more functionalities.

Record and Replay

Record UI actions using Object Spy to create a Scriptless Test and playback.

Expansive Reports

Downloadable full report, video, device logs, and more. Ability to see failure history over a period of time and filter by device, OS, failure events by leveraging Perfecto’s Smart Reporting.

scriptless reporting

Complex Test Cases, Simplified

Create tests for even the most complex native mobile use cases, including: 

  • Biometric Authentication
  • Image Injection
  • Network Virtualization
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Quality Visibility
  • Mobile UX Measurements
  • Test Coverage
  • Accessibility

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