Cypress is quickly becoming the framework to watch for automated web testing. Whether you are starting to explore Cypress or are already using it, start here.  

Consider this your guide to Cypress end-to-end testing. 

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Compare Cypress vs. Selenium

Cypress and Selenium are both automation frameworks for web application testing. While Selenium has been the de facto automation framework for some time, Cypress is gaining traction as another viable framework option.

Cypress can either be used as a complement or alternative to Selenium to achieve fast and efficient cross-browser testing. Whether you choose Selenium, Cypress, or a combination of both depends on the team’s objectives and other important factors.

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Cypress vs. Selenium

Combining Cypress With BDD

Following the decision to use Cypress as your team’s test automation framework, it is critical to build an efficient test automation suite around it to test successfully. One popular way to test web apps efficiently is to combine Cypress with Cucumber BDD Gherkin scenarios. 

Testing with Cypress and Cucumber is helpful for maximizing test coverage while simplifying the test creation process. A robust and sustainable pair, Cypress and Cucumber is a viable option for cross-browser testers and developers who want to make the most of using the framework. 

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selenium vs cucumber

Practical Considerations for Dev Teams

One important Cypress benefit it its developer-friendliness. The framework was built by developers and is for a developer audience.  

This also means that if your organization is considering Cypress, there are various factors to consider specifically for the dev team. Cypress offers a wide range of benefits, from simple setup to fast test execution and debugging capabilities.  

It is important to keep your dev team in the loop when deciding whether Cypress is the right choice. 

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Getting Started With Cypress Automation

It is simple to set up and start automated testing with Cypress. There are two ways to work with the Cypress framework: through their open-source solution or their paid option.  

Perfecto offers full support for the Cypress test automation framework, allowing teams to execute Cypress web tests on browsers in the Perfecto cloud. Pairing Cypress and Perfecto together allows for even faster web testing at scale with a variety of browser permutations and parallel testing capabilities.  

By following a few quick steps, it is very easy to get started with Cypress testing using Perfecto. 

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Test Web Apps Faster With Perfecto

Perfecto allows for Cypress web testing at scale, along with end-to-end continuous testing support. 


Perfecto’s support of Cypress allows for: 

  • Extending test coverage. 
  • Executing 50% faster than with other solutions. 
  • Scaling as you grow. 
  • Access to built-in test reporting & analytics. 

Learn how Cypress and Perfecto can improve your web testing today.

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