Note: TestCraft is now Perfecto Scriptless. 

What does it REALLY take to transition from manual to automated testing? Learn from the first-hand experience of the QA team at GreenCourt. Over five years, the five-person team dedicated themselves to simplifying and speeding up testing, and, ultimately, getting test automation right.

Today they have a solid mix of people, process, and technology. In fact, they’ve removed TWO FULL DAYS of tedious manual testing from their typical five-day testing cycle. They can focus on work that’s more meaningful to the business.

  • What did it take to really get going with automation?
  • What do they wish they had known from the beginning?
  • What advice would they give others?

In this frank discussion, hear from the GreenCourt team as they share:

  • What they wish they’d known before attempting automation.
  • Why they stopped using Selenium and haven’t looked back.
  • Problems they experienced and how they solved them.
  • Results they are getting and how you might achieve the same.