Intelligent test automation has wholly changed what we understand to be “good testing.” It has never been easier to get started with automation, whether you know how to code or not. At the same time, AI is making testing unbelievable productive.

Perfecto Scriptless uses intelligent test automation to address some of the biggest testing challenges head-on, by using machine learning as the base of its self-healing technology.

In this demo of Perfecto Scriptless, you will learn:

  • How to create automated tests simply and quickly, with plenty of room to scale.
  • How AI can make you 4x more productive without the risk of test flakiness.
  • Ways that AI-powered analytics help teams debug faster.
  • And more!



Mina Sprengeler

Mina Sprengeler

Sales Engineer, Perfecto
Perforce Software

Mina Sprengeler is a Sales Engineer at Perfecto. With a background in consulting and front-end web development, Mina is passionate about problem-solving and strategizing ways to address any enterprise challenge. She brings that same passion to Perfecto by helping companies improve their DevOps pipeline through faster and more scalable testing.