The framework you love supported by Perfecto.

Flutter is taking the app development market by storm, and Perfecto is here to help with your testing efforts so you can release high quality apps with confidence. Perfecto is proud to support Flutter Integration Testing for native mobile applications! 

In this webinar, our presenter Sree shares a step-by-step demo on the following:

  • What tools you'll need to get started 
  • How to configure Perfecto’s client environment 
  • How to execute the Gradle plugin 
  • How to view the test execution report in Perfecto 

Interested in seeing how Perfecto works with the Flutter framework? Watch this informative webinar to get the scoop.

Image Headshot Sreevatsa Sreerangaraju

Sreevatsa Sreerangaraju

Partners Senior Manager & Continuous Testing Evangelist, Perfecto by Perforce

Sree works in Perfecto’s pre-sales and has over 15 years of experience in automation testing out of his total 17 years in the IT Industry. He constantly guides customers towards continuous testing and encourages clients to do more end-user like testing with Perfecto cloud. He ensures clients are getting value by implementing proper CI/CD processes.