Today more than ever, digital quality is critical to any business. In this uncertain time, businesses are shifting 100% of their customer engagements to digital channels like mobile and web apps, and with so many constantly changing permutations, automation is simply a requirement for today’s testing teams.

But many teams face barriers that keep them from successfully automating their tests, and levels of automation vary. There are challenges with test creation, infrastructure, maintenance, and analyzing their test results.

A recent survey conducted by Perfecto and Gatepoint Research revealed the top seven challenges faced by testing teams today. In this web seminar, learn how to avoid these common automation pitfalls and see what the current state of test automation looks like for teams like yours.

You will learn:

  • Expert recommendations for taking your automation to the next level.
  • The top testing concerns and priorities across the industry.
  • Actionable insights for web and mobile app testing.
  • What a cloud testing solution should include to ensure reliable test automation.

See how the world's only end-to-end continuous testing platform can help you.

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