Chatbots and Voicebots have been around for a long time, but they have barely met customer expectations or provided much positive experience. The quality of these virtual assistants can be assured by continuous testing. Although your voice bot works flawlessly on the device and the browser you have developed it, it could easily break on someone else's smartphone. To check this cross-device fragmentation, you must test your voice bot in all relevant devices to gain 100% coverage.

This webinar shows you how to use Perfecto with Botium Box to test your Voice bot E2E. Botium addresses the need for End to End Testing by taking away the burden shared by all Selenium and Appium test automation projects, while Perfecto is the only cloud provider that enables access for voice testing as well as for text based tests. 

The main topics covered on this webinar:
•    Intro and challenges in building and testing chatbots
•    Considerations for testing such Apps
•    How to get started with Botium
•    How to scale your chatbot testing by moving to the cloud (Botium and Perfecto integration)

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Image Headshot Sreevatsa Sreerangaraju

Sreevatsa Sreerangaraju

Partners Senior Manager & Continuous Testing Evangelist, Perfecto by Perforce

Sree works in Perfecto’s pre-sales and has over 15 years of experience in automation testing out of his total 17 years in the IT Industry. He constantly guides customers towards continuous testing and encourages clients to do more end-user like testing with Perfecto cloud. He ensures clients are getting value by implementing proper CI/CD processes.


Christoph Börner

CEO, Botium

In a few words - entrepreneur, developer, tester, keynote speaker and drummer. Active member and organizer in the testing community. Deep interest in artificial intelligence, machine learning and chatbots from day one. Close friendship with Florian, even after playing in the same rock band for several years :). Started together developing the open source Botium Core in 2018 to reinvent automated testing for chatbots. Today Botium can be considered as the first choice for testing and training conversational AI.