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A flawless experience = a loyal + engaged user

-Keeping track of web browser and device trends can be a daunting task
-Users expect a seamless experience moving between smartphone, tablet, and laptop
-Cross browser testing tools are vital to ensuring a great user experience
-UX and digital transformations are redefining business as we know itpr

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Cross-browser testing: Top 3 Challenges to a great/quality/flawless user experience
  1. An always-on, up-to-date testing lab: constant Browser/OS/Device updates requires extensive resources to maintain
  2. Automation: Having integrated tools for automating complex test flows & use cases
  3. Analysis: The ability to quickly drill-down into analytics data to maintain delivery pipeline schedule


How many browsers should you be testing for?

The average web browser is updated every 30 days. When you add multiple browser options across various operating systems on different platforms, you end up with hundreds- if not thousands- of possible browser permutations to test. You might have a testing infrastructure in place, but a lack of quick and efficient analysis of testing results can really slow you down; this is compounded by the need to run separate test flows for web apps and native apps on diverse targets. What’s more, multiple dev and test teams can lead to inconsistencies in the form and function of your web application. Our cloud-based Continuous Quality Lab gives you the tools you need to quickly and efficiently test your web app against hundreds of platform permutations in one place.

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Testing Progressive Web Apps


In addition to normal cross-browser testing permutations like Windows/Firefox, Android/Chrome, Safari/iOS, DevOps teams are now being asked to test for additional test cases with consideration towards progressive web app (PWAs) features. Especially since the launch of iOS 11.3, which has built-in support for PWA features, teams have been quickly building PWA versions of their mobile/web experiences.

Perfecto has been working on PWA for a while and is uniquely positioned to help you with some new PWA test capabilities on platform:

  • Launching PWAs – The ability to launch PWAs from device home screens benefits users and creates a new challenge for test automation. Perfecto is introducing a new capability to launch progressive sites in parallel on desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Test authoring & execution – As a hybrid technology, PWAs require the ability to interact with different types of user interface objects. Perfecto’s Object Spy provides test automation developers a single view of all objects in application under test. As a result, identifying and interacting with both web and native iOS and Android objects in a single flow is fully supported. This overcomes Selenium and Appium limitations of inspecting PWA document object model (DOM).
  • Test audio, camera, and location-based scenarios – PWAs introduce the rich engagement capabilities of mobile devices to websites. Perfecto supports automated testing of user flows requiring audio, image and location-based inputs. Automated testing can also handle push notifications.
  • User condition test scenarios – The PWA benefits of increased conversions are in part driven by websites now becoming accessible while users are offline leveraging service workers. Perfecto’s Wind Tunnel™ capability enables testing network disconnections and measuring object rendering times.
  • One test, one report – Perfecto supports executing PWA tests in the cloud, on desktop and mobile platforms in parallel. PWA tests executed across Android, iOS, Windows and MAC OS generate one combined test report.


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4 Essentials for Cross-browser testing success


1. Integration into your toolchain

Our tools seamlessly integrate into your existing test frameworks to maximize your testing automation, day and night. Gauge the health of your app at a glance with our powerful analytics.

Integrations for everyone – (IDEs, CIs, Frameworks, etc) >
And other tools like; Slack, Jira, etc

2. Orchestrate Testing among global teams

Perfecto’s CQ Lab allows teams to test their digital engagement against connected mobile devices and browsers. Instead of jumping from one testing environment to another, everyone can access one digital test lab.

3. Persona-based Selenium + Open Source Test Automation

Run automated functional and persona-based tests. Ensure digital quality with cross platform testing as well as real user conditions such as location, network type and speed, and apps running in the background.

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4. Integrated (and fast) reporting & analytics

Quickly compare and drill down into problem areas. Share results with team members and speed issue resolution, and time-to-market.

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