Perfecto Testing Analytics & Reporting Benefits

Know why tests failed and what it takes to fix them — fast.

Unified Test Reporting

Quickly see all your test automation results in a single pane of glass view.

Identify Issues Faster

With Smarter Failure Reasons, Perfecto separates false negatives from real failures and groups similar root causes together for easier resolution.


Find Bugs Fast

With root cause analysis, you’ll know what went wrong so you can submit bugs with fast feedback to fix them earlier in the cycle.

Perfecto Testing Analytics & Reporting Features

The right test reporting features help your team be more effective faster.

CI Dashboard

See the performance of all your tests in the CI pipeline  in one single dashboard view.


AI-Powered Root Cause Analysis

Harnessing the power of AI, get failure reasons to find out exactly what went wrong and get step by step drill downs for fast resolution.

Reportium API

Easily add test results into a single reporting platform with an open and integrated API for test results collection.

Rich Artifacts

Test reports provide rich artifacts for faster fixes with videos, screenshots, crash logs, vitals, and more.

Visual Validation

See how your apps look across platforms in a glance with visual validation.

Jira Integration

Create a Jira ticket with the click of a button for full traceability and issue tracking.

CI Jobs & Branches

Drill down into individual CI jobs and branches for build summaries, results, and duration histories.


Get a high-level status of your tests with customizable heatmaps, complete with tagging and filtering.

Noise Filtering

ML-powered noise filtering eliminates false negatives so you can focus on what matters.


AI-Powered Root Cause Analysis

Perfecto’s AI-Powered Root Cause Analysis helps teams test more efficiently by quickly identifying and clarifying common testing failures. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), Perfecto’s RCA empowers your team to identify and resolve the true root cause of failures more quickly, eliminating the need to painstakingly sift through thousands of error messages.

Harness the power of Perfecto’s AI-Powered Root Cause Analysis, which includes the following features.

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screen shot of ai root cause analysis

Smarter Failure Reasons

With Smarter Failure Reasons, Perfecto uses AI to identify the real failure reasons and root-cause issues quickly and groups similar root causes together for easier resolution.

“Failed vs. Last Good” Execution Comparisons

One of the most useful strategies in the identification of the root cause of failed execution is to compare the failed execution with the successful one. Perfecto utilizes this strategy by automatically surfacing relevant differences between failed and successful execution to speed up the process of root cause analysis.

Identify Root Cause in Backend

Tests often fail due to backend dependencies and the environment of the application under test. Perfecto analyzes API call traces to identify tests that failed due to backend functional and stability issues.

Introduce Workflows

The effective root cause analysis workflow guides and keeps user focus on the most critical issues identified in the application under test. Identify flaky execution, with suggested corrective steps to fix and stabilize the testing pipeline.

Get the Best Testing Analytics & Reporting Tool

Perfecto is the best test analytics & reporting tool. Here's why.

image of insights dashboard

Power Up with Intelligent Decision Making

It’s time consuming to interpret all the data that comes from test automation reports and frameworks. The Insights dashboard automatically and intelligently categories your failures and offers actionable advice on where to start to fix your issues, so you can act quickly and improve your tests. 

See All Results in One Place With Our CI Dashboard, Jobs, and Branches

Perfecto’s CI dashboard provides unified test reporting with a “single pane of glass” view of all test results. Get detailed build summaries for all of your CI jobs and break them down further by branch. See which tests passed and failed in your results history. And see how long your tests take in duration histories.

ci dashboard

Get a High-Level Overview With Heatmaps

Customizable heatmaps provide a high-level overview of how your tests perform. Heatmaps can segment down your test results with tags and filters. This overview provides a quick status update for all team members, including QA managers and leadership needing visibility into test results.

heat map

Find Real Issues Quickly With Noise Filtering

ML-powered algorithms built into the Perfecto platform weed out false negatives caused by things like pop ups, element not found, and server down. By automatically detecting and classifying errors, you’ll experience less noise. And that allows you to identify and fix real issues faster.

ml powered noise filtering

Fix Defects Faster with AI-Powered Root Cause Analysis

Perfecto’s AI-Powered Root Cause Analysis helps you identify the real failure reasons and root-cause issues quickly. With the latest Smarter Failure Reasons feature, test failures are automatically assigned by Perfecto’s AI-powered Root Cause Analysis using artificial intelligence (AI) to identify the underlying error behind test failures, empowering you to identify the true root case of failures quicker.

root cause

Visually Verify Your App Across Platforms

One glance is all it takes to quickly verify results across platforms with Perfecto’s visual validation. Within the automation dashboard, you can also use visual validation across all platforms in responsive web testing and parallel test execution.

visually verify

Get Visibility Into Test Failures With Rich Artifacts

Artifacts are important. They allow developers to eliminate bug reproduction time for faster fixes. And nobody provide more comprehensive test artifacts than Perfecto. With Perfecto, you get a rich set of artifacts for your tests, including HAR files, videos, screenshots, vitals — including battery, memory, and CPU — device logs, execution logs, crash logs, and accessibility artifacts. 

rich artrifacts

Easily Track Issues With a Seamless Jira Integration

With Perfecto, you can keep using the tools you use and love, like Jira. Track requirements and issues seamlessly with our Jira integration. Create a Jira ticket with the click of a button. You can even link to Perfecto’s test reports within Jira. With Jira and Perfecto together, you get the traceability you need with the testing power of Perfecto.


Streamline Test Results Collection and Reporting

Perfecto’s reporting API pulls in test results from any framework you use, not just the tests you execute with Perfecto. That means no matter what framework you use, you can always take advantage of Perfecto’s robust test failure analysis and reporting capabilities.

streamline test results

Watch Test Reporting & Failure Analysis With Perfecto

Testing Analytics & Reporting for the Whole Team

Perfecto provides actionable insight for the entire team — from developers to QA and practitioners to executive leadership.


Developers use Perfecto to quickly identify defects, access important information and rich artifacts, and execute tests against all platforms at once.

Automation Engineers

Test reporting and analysis makes it easier for Automation Engineers to identify gaps, platform issues, as well as common failures, allowing for higher test coverage.

QA Manager

QA Managers can get an instant view of the health of all automated and manual testing activities using the Perfecto reporting platform, which reducing analytics from hours to minutes.

Other Testing Analytics & Reporting Tools Don’t Cut It

Doing it yourself doesn’t work either. These options don’t allow you to integrate with CI/CD tools. And they aren’t designed to handle the high volumes of daily tests that automation creates.

You need a better solution to get the testing feedback you need. Test reporting is essential. When done right, it reduces escaped defects, saves time, and results in a better digital experience. It can even improve the quality of your continuous testing suites.

Perfecto’s testing analytics and reporting was built for enterprise-grade test automation. It integrates fully with your entire toolchain. And it supports and accelerates the testing process for teams to work at DevOps speed.

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