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Test reporting is critical for DevOps. With so many releases and permutations, you’re probably sitting on a mountain of data. And that makes it hard to focus on what’s important — plus it slows you down.

You need the right test reporting to cut through the chaos.

Get a powerful testing dashboard at your fingertips. You’ll get fast feedback on your test results, so you’ll know right away what’s working and what’s not. Our smart, ML-powered algorithms provide the insights you need and reduce false negatives for less noisy reporting. You’ll get a quick, yet comprehensive overview of the quality as well as risk areas of your app, across all platforms, with Perfecto’s test reporting.

Our test analytics provide you with exactly what you need – detailed reports. Important insights. Fast feedback. Less noise. Quick fixes. Together, it supports and accelerates the testing process so you can go forth at DevOps speed.

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Perfecto Test Reporting Benefits



Architected to handle a high volume of data daily.



Heatmaps, dashboards, and visual validation galore.



ML algorithms mean fewer false negatives.



Get multi-step drill-downs for fast fixes.



Get a look-and-feel UI/UX comparison across platforms.



Quick test results feedback accelerates DevOps.

The Best Visual Analytics Tool for Test Reporting

See for yourself.

Get the Best Test Reporting Tool

You test early and often. You may even test continuously. Between the browsers, the devices, the generations, and operating systems, you have thousands of tests on your hands. And that’s leaving you with a lot of data.

But if you can’t analyze that data quickly and efficiently, all of that time you saved by automating your tests is worthless. You’re slowing down your DevOps process. And that’s holding back innovation.

Instead, derive insights from Perfecto’s test automation dashboard — a smart, AI-driven visual analytics tool that is built into Perfecto’s automated testing platform.

Perfecto’s visual reports give you everything you need. Heatmaps show high-level overviews of impacted areas. Single test reports provide rich artifacts for easy analysis and reproduction effectiveness. And Perfecto’s automation dashboard provides visibility with timelines, trends, and even drilling down from build to issue to root cause.

With Perfecto’s test automation dashboard, you get the insights you need and the steps to take to fix any issues that may appear.

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Smart Reporting With AI & Machine Learning

No one can provide the types of insights that Perfecto can. And that’s because of our market-leading AI and machine learning capabilities. In fact, we’ve pinpointed the top four issues behind failed automated tests:

  • Scripting and framework issues, including objects, coding, and timing.
  • Backend issues, such as availability, network, and data.
  • Lab issues, such as stability, network, and configuration.
  • Orchestration issues, including in-use, disconnections, and licenses.

Not only do we know exactly why automated tests fail, but we know what it takes to fix them. With Perfecto’s smart reporting and analytics for automation testing, you’ll get step-by-step drill-downs for any test defects that may occur. And that means you’ll triage problems quickly to get on your way back to testing success.

Not only that, but Perfecto is proud to offer the quietest testing you’ve ever had. That’s because we offer noise reduction through automated detection and AI-based classification errors and failures. And less noise in your testing process means more time spent on what’s truly important.

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Detailed Test Reports & High-Level Heatmaps

Want more information on a test case? You’ve got them at your fingertips. With Perfecto, individual test case reports go deep into detail. Dig into any single test report to access a wide range of rich artifacts for root cause analysis and bug dispatching. Or check out Perfecto’s report library, which serves as a one stop shop with trends, history, and more. And fix what’s not working with call to action step-by-step fixes for fast triaging of failed tests.

And if you want a high-level look at your test results, Perfecto’s heatmaps can give you an overview of what’s working and what’s not. Heatmap dashboards outline what tests have passed in green and highlight any impacted risk areas in red. These give you visibility into any emerging issues in testing. Highly visual heatmaps are ideal for upper management seeking high-level test reporting.

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Automation Dashboard

Perfecto’s automation dashboard is where you can find a wealth of information on your test analytics. Within the testing dashboard, you can view the health, trends, and performance of all testing activities running in the continuous integration (CI) pipeline. You can also keep track of test stability and overall health across different environments for holistic visibility into your DevOps pipeline.

It’s an all-in-one, “single pane of glass” view across all stages of testing. With visual analytics and fast feedback, you’ll get the updates you need to keep moving along quickly.

Within the automation dashboard, you can also use visual validation across all platforms in responsive web testing and parallel test execution. One glance is all it takes – ensuring quick and seamless triaging of any test issues.

With Perfecto’s automation dashboard, you’ll always have a pulse of all testing activities at your fingertips.

Perfecto Tool for Test Automation Analytics

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