Scalable Enterprise-Grade Testing
for Web & Mobile

Leading global enterprises rely on Perfecto for large-scale
mobile and web app testing with unshakeable security.

Web Testing

Get the quickest cross-browser testing with the best test coverage and make sure your web apps are mobile ready. Perfecto’s web testing is over 50% faster than other vendors, and you’ll have access to every browser you need.

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Mobile Testing

Master mobile app testing on devices in the cloud. Boost your test coverage with real devices in the Perfecto cloud and automate complex test scenarios, like facial recognition.

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With Perfecto, You Can…

Identify & Fix
Issues Fast

  • Test platform & scenario coverage.
  • Noise reduction of false positives.
  • Heatmaps & dashboard reporting.
  • Rich artifacts to support debugging.

Test in a Stable & Scalable Environment

  • 24/7 support.
  • Always on, always up to date.
  • Enterprise-grade security & scalability.

Fit Your
Automation Needs

  • Integrate with your DevOps toolchain.
  • Features catered to varying skillsets.
  • Manual, automated, & continuous testing.

Key Features


Testing Cloud

Utilize our enterprise-grade testing cloud — the biggest global lab on the planet with 10K devices— with any phone or browser VM you need. Learn more.


Accelerated Test Automation

Maximize your test automation by running multiple executions at once. With parallel testing, our execution time is twice as fast as others vendors in most areas.  Learn more.


Test Authoring & Maintenance

Code-based, codeless, and BDD test automation creation meet the needs of all members of your team. And self-healing technology means less script maintenance for you. Learn more.


App Debugging

Don’t waste time on bug reproduction. Debug apps straight from your IDE while connected to devices and browsers in the cloud. Learn more.


Test Failure Analysis

With root cause analysis, detailed test reports, and rich artifacts like HAR files, screenshots, and crash logs, you’ll get the fast feedback you need. Learn more.


Real User Simulation

Test like your users. Automate testing for user conditions like location, network availability, device conditions, and peak usage. Learn more.

Perfecto Fits Right in With Your Current Toolchain

Perfecto integrates with all your tools. Execute tests with frameworks like Appium and Selenium. Integrate code with Jenkins to test within your CI/CD pipeline. And report bugs with Jira and share them in Slack.

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Real Devices

Improve app quality by testing against real-user conditions on real devices.

Simulators & Emulators

Run automated tests faster and earlier in your development process. 


Test on thousands of desktop and mobile browser/OS combinations in the cloud. 

Supported Devices & Browsers

Access more than 10,000 devices and browsers in our 11 global data centers. You’ll never have to wait for new releases — we have a proven track record of offering same-day access to new devices, browsers, and operating systems.

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Why Perfecto

Perfecto has a prescriptive and proven methodology for achieving continuous testing through scalable automation you can trust.

The world’s largest enterprises, including over half of the Fortune 500, rely on Perfecto to achieve their testing and development goals.

With blackbelt services, advanced support engineers, and a professional services team, our deep expertise propels you on your journey to continuous testing.

Solutions for All Teams

We have a solution that can meet you where you are and take you where you want to go — no matter how large or small your testing needs are. We have different subscription packages to accommodate the needs of both large and small teams.

Explore Subscriptions

Enterprise Teams

Get premium features and test within your own private cloud for highly-secure and scalable testing.

Small Teams

Utilize our public cloud for both interactive and automated testing on the devices you need.

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