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Perfecto combines the power of flexible test authoring, cross-platform execution, and intelligent analytics into one quality platform to help your teams – developers, business testers, SDETs, and managers – test more, test faster, and deliver exceptional experiences.


Suddenly, everyone can automate — scripted, scriptless, or both. All major frameworks, including Quantum (at right) for plain-English automation. From everyday to the most advanced use cases.

Test Creation


Test fast with cross-platform, cross-browser executions. Get highest-value coverage from a mix real & virtual devices and browsers.

Test Execution


Bring all test results into one view. Heatmaps. Analytics. Detailed, media rich reporting. AI filters noise so teams focus on real issues.

Intelligent Analysis

Fix & Release

Get the most-comprehensive rich test artifacts on the market. Crash logs, screenshots, and HAR files. Debug remotely and manage in Jira.


Scale With Velocity

Take quality where it needs to go. Start with Perfecto Cloud. Scale to Perfecto Enterprise. Test continuously. Maximize automation with lowest cost per execution. 

Perfecto Enterprise

Shift Quality Left

Ensure comprehensive application quality through industry-first testing capabilities powered by Perfecto + BlazeMeter, including: mobile user experience testing, mock services and test data for mobile.


Work Your Way

Your frameworks. Your integrations. Your workflows.

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Latest Devices & Browsers

Access all the latest and most popular devices and browsers in 11 global data centers. Get fast support for new devices, browsers, and operating systems.

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Plans That Scale

Quality. Ready to grow. Starting at only $99/mo.

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Interact with devices like they're in your hand. Handle complex & nuanced scenarios with manual testing on real devices in the cloud. 


Pair favorite frameworks with Perfecto for advanced automation capabilities. GPS, device conditions, audio injection, & more.


Get the gold standard in testing with Perfecto experts + full integration into the CI/CD pipeline.



Get ready to experience how simple Selenium-based testing should be. Reduce costs/bottlenecks and become 4x more productive. 

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