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Support any combination of manual, automated, and continuous testing. Perfecto offers a complete web and mobile testing platform with access to the world's largest, most up-to-date test environment in the cloud.

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Annual save more than 15%Monthly


Manual testing from anywhere.
(billed monthly)
Unlimited web & mobile app testing

Virtual Machines

Real Devices


Automated + manual testing.
(billed monthly)
Unlimited web & mobile testing

Virtual Machines

Real Devices


Enterprise features, support, security & scalability.
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Unlimited live/automated testing for web & mobile

Virtual Machines


Real Devices

How to Estimate Parallel Tests

Your pricing is based on the number of tests you need to run at once (called parallel tests). Live: Equals number of devices you believe testers need to access at the same time. Automate: Equals number of devices/browsers to execute automation against concurrently plus the number of devices you may need for manual testers.

Contact us for help calculating the most sensible plan based on your needs and goals.

All Plans Include...

  • Access to the latest and most-popular real devices, browsers, and OS combinations.
  • Unparalleled scalability, reliability, and security.
  • A flexible and unified platform for web & mobile testing.
  • Seamless integration with the most popular frameworks, IDEs, CI tools, and more.
  • Advanced test failure analytics for fast feedback and fixes.
  • Perfecto support & expertise.

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Support & Success Plans



Standard for public cloud customers. 

  • Email, chat, & 12/7 call-in support from our global support team. 
  • Unlimited access to our documentation portal, online training modules, & testing resources.

Priority Support

For enterprise customers. 

Everything in standard package, plus: 

  • Dedicated customer success resources. 
  • Customized implementation and onboarding. 
  • 24/7 call-in support.

Automation Services

For customers that need guidance on their automation journey.

  • Blueprint Foundation Service
  • Automation Bootcamp 
  • Black Belt Automation Services

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Why Choose Perfecto?

Perfecto has a prescriptive and proven methodology for achieving continuous testing through scalable automation you can trust.

The world’s largest enterprises, including over half of the Fortune 500, rely on Perfecto to achieve their testing and development goals.

With blackbelt services, advanced support engineers, and a professional services team, our deep expertise propels you on your journey to continuous testing.

Trusted By the World's Leading Enterprises

Perfecto Plans & Pricing FAQ

Are there upfront costs or additional fees?

No, we don’t believe in hidden fees. What you see is what you get with any of the Perfecto subscription plans.

What support and service packages are available?

Global support is included in all Perfecto subscription plans at no additional charge. Public cloud customers receive our standard support plan and Enterprise customers receive our priority support plan. We also have a number of professional services offerings available for customers that need extra support on their automation journey. LEARN MORE >>

Can I pay monthly?

Yes, we do accommodate for monthly billing for public cloud customers at a slightly higher subscription price than annual billing.

How long is a contract?

Perfecto subscriptions plans start at a 12-month minimum. Public cloud customers have the ability to cancel at anytime with a 60-day notice. Enterprise customers will comply with the terms of their agreement signed at the time of purchase.

Can I upgrade at any time?

Of course, and many Perfecto customers do! Our recommendation on the path to automation or continuous testing is to start small and see success before you scale. Customers are able to see success pretty quickly with Perfecto and are often looking to expand within their first year.

How should I calculate how many licenses I will need?

Perfecto plans are licensed based on the number of parallel executions you need. 

If you are interested in one of our manual testing packages, then the number of licenses you need will depend on the number of users or testers you will need to have access to the platform at the same time. 

Automated plans start at a minimum requirement of two parallel executions and increase from there depending on your number of test cases, desired coverage, and testing cycle window. 

If you are looking for help, contact us and we will help you calculate the right number of Perfecto licenses based on what you want to achieve. 

Can I select which devices, browsers, and operating systems I can test on?

Public cloud customers are able to choose from any of the real devices or virtual machines available in our environment. It is filled with a number of devices, browsers, and OS combinations. We feel confident you will be able to find what you’re looking for.

Enterprise packages offer full control and availability over testing devices. You pick which devices are available in your cloud.

Perfecto Plan Comparison

Deployment OptionsPublic CloudPublic CloudPrivate Cloud or 
Hybrid Deployment
Devices AvailableMost-Popular Devices, Same-Day SupportMost-Popular Devices, Same-Day SupportChoose Any Devices, Same-Day Support
Device ConnectivityWiFiWiFiWiFi/Cellular
Browsers AvailableMost-Popular Browsers/OS (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE, Safari)Most-Popular Browsers/OS (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE, Safari)Most-Popular Browsers/OS (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE, Safari)
Secure Network ConnectivitySecure Local Tunneling via Perfecto ConnectSecure Local Tunneling via Perfecto ConnectSecure Local Tunneling via Perfecto Connect, Dedicated VPN, SSO, and more.
Automation FrameworksN/ASelenium, Appium, XCUITest, Espresso, and more.Selenium,  Appium, XCUITest, Espresso, and more.
IntegrationsMost PopularMost PopularAdvanced Integrations & Open REST API
Unlimited TestingManualManual & AutomationManual, Automation, & Continuous Testing
SupportEmail, Chat, & 12/7 Call-in SupportEmail, Chat, & 12/7 Call-in SupportPremium 24/7 Support
Automatic Device Cleanup

Single-Use VMs

Network Virtualization

Live Session Sharing

Repository for Apps & Media Files

Audio Testing

Rich Artifacts Collection

Test Failure Analysis

Heatmaps & Cross-Platform Dashboards

Single-Pane of Glass Test Reporting

CI Dashboards


BDD Test Creation


Visual Analysis for Test Creation (Text & Image)


Object Spy


Performance Testing


Accessibility Testing


Real User Simulation



Device Reservation



Device Roles/Group Segregationn



Central User Administration



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