Why Use Cypress for Test Automation?

Cypress is a front-end test automation framework for web apps. It is an open source solution that supports scripting in JavaScript, TypeScript, and Cucumber. With Cypress test automation, developers can leverage features like time-travel to check Cypress’ built-in snapshots for each step of the test prior to and after execution. Cypress has unique benefits for both test automation engineers and developers, and tests leading browsers including:

  • Electron
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

Cypress Integration With Perfecto

Perfecto has developed a new service (SDK) that allow users to execute their Cypress scripts in the cloud, at scale, and across various geographies. Using the Cypress integration with Perfecto allows users to:

  • Leverage fast and scalable execution in the cloud.
  • Access more browsers and desktop OS version combinations to test.
  • Execute parallel testing in the cloud.
  • Get immediate support for new browser versions. 
  • Fully integrate into the CI/CD pipeline.
  • Can execute tests from CI with tools such as Jenkins.
  • Can execute right from the command line.

New to using Cypress? Take our free Cypress Version 10 Fundamentals course on BlazeMeter University to learn how to create and run Cypress tests in the Chrome browser.


Using Cypress With Perfecto

Perfecto integrates seamlessly with Cypress. Installation is seamless through the node package manager (NPM), and Perfecto’s Cypress SDK is fully agnostic to all Cypress versions. Users benefit from a single and unified solution for Selenium, WebDriverIO, other Selenium frameworks, as well as Cypress.

In the Perfecto cloud, users benefits from enterprise-grade security and 24/7 remote access from anywhere in the world. Perfecto also provides advanced test reporting and analysis built into the platform. Insights on each step of the test, along with screenshots and other rich artifacts and test failure analysis make defect resolution quick. Dev can work right from their IDE of choice to debug apps remotely on VMs and real Macs in the cloud.

heat map

Get Started With Cypress and Perfecto


Before you install Perfecto’s Cypress SDK, make sure you:

security token

Install the Perfecto for Cypress SDK

Perfecto’s Cypress SDK can be simply installed through the following command ‘npm I perfecto-cypress-sdk’. In addition, install and import Perfecto reporting to enable advanced reporting abilities from your Cypress executions: ‘npm perfecto-cypress-reporter’

Once these packages are installed, users can initialize their environments and configure the perfecto-config.json file with their cloud URL, security token, and the target desktop browsers to run tests against.


Get Familiar With Perfecto’s Rich SDK Features for Cypress

Perfecto’s Cypress integration comes with four main capabilities: Init, Pack, Upload, and Run. Each of these capabilities has detailed documentation that can allow users to upload existing and future Cypress test suites to the Perfecto private clouds and execute them through the artifact IDs.


How Perfecto Makes Cypress Better

Test From One Unified Platform

Being open and integrated, Perfecto integrates with any framework you may need, including Cypress, Selenium, WebDriverIO, and more. Execute tests from IDEs, CI servers, and other environments.

With Perfecto, you can also execute mobile app tests from one single, unified platform.

Execute Tests Faster

Perfecto is proud to offer web app testing that’s 50% faster than our competitors.

Perfecto’s advanced architecture guarantees fast and reliable execution of large test suites across multiple browsers and geographies.


Extend Test Coverage

With Perfecto and Cypress, you get unlimited elasticity to execute tests in parallel and burst mode, with proven immediate support for all desktop browsers — including beta versions — and all platforms.


Simple & Easy to Use

Perfecto for Cypress is installed easily through NPM and is agnostic to any Cypress version out there. 

Get Detailed Test Reporting & Analytics

Advanced ML-driven test reporting and analytics expedite feedback loops, provide debugging artifacts, and ensure high-quality web apps. Dashboards with cross-platform reporting for responsive web testing provide quality visibility. With CI executions, view the entire CI history with job and branch-level reports.

Get Enterprise-Grade Security

Perfecto’s data centers are ideal for enterprises, with 24/7 monitoring for maximum service availability. All VMs are cleaned upon each execution, and we meet several compliance regulations and hold many security certifications, such as PCI, SOC II, ISO 27001, GDPR.

Getting Started With Perfecto & Cypress

See Cypress and Perfecto in Action

Seeing is believing, so watch a demo of Perfecto and Cypress together.


Want to get started? Check out this free Cypress 10 Fundamentals course.