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July 11, 2017

4 Keys to Better Test Automation Using Object Identification & XPath Expressions

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One of the keys to test automation is proper object identification.

Learn insights about how objects fit into a healthy test automation strategy. And see how the proper use of XPath expressions contribute to this strategy — something that is often overlooked by developers.

4 Key Techniques for Object Identification in Test Automation

1.  Developers and Test Automation Engineers Must Work Together

According to Eilon, “the process of defining objects jointly by developers and testers is critical for writing robust automation code.”  By working together, developers can write code with testing in mind.  Proper advance planning for UI objects by dev teams, integrated early on in the development process, greatly facilitates effective and efficient testing later on. Read more about how to avoid test flakiness.

2.  Success With Test Automation Tools Depends on Accurate Object Identification

Clearly defined objects make writing, debugging, and maintaining code easier, allow for cross-platform testing, and help to ensure meaningful test results.  They also allow for reusing automated tests for different versions of an app, as well as helping to streamline cross-platform testing.  More on accurate Selenium accurate object identification.

3.  Objects Vary from Platform to Platform

Web (HTML), Android, and iOS use different types of XPath expressions.  In order to simplify automated testing, special techniques need to be used in order to properly identify objects and to minimize the potential number of test scripts. Good planning in this area can save lots of time later on.   Learn how to make the most of your XPath expressions.

4.  Good XPath Expressions are Key to Getting the Most out of Your Test Automation Tools

Having a solid set of rules to follow can make the difference between good XPath expressions and bad ones.

Perfecto’s XPath Validator is a powerful free tool which gives quick and concise feedback about the quality of your XPath expressions.  This will help to ensure successful test flows. 


Bottom Line

You're just getting started with object identification.

Learn more about how it can improve your test automation strategy. Download our eBook, Robust Mobile Test Automation Using Smart Object Identification to learn more.

See why Perfecto is the best partner to help you with your object identification with a 14-day free trial.

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