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1. Quick Start Onboarding and Implementation

Get up to speed with onboarding designed just for Perfecto Cloud users. 

Adopting test automation for the first time? Through an express onboarding session with one of our experts, you will learn the fundamentals, features, and capabilities of Perfecto. 

Already have test automation in your pipeline? Dive deeper into automation through an implementation session with an expert. We will optimize and integrate Perfecto into your framework and guide you through your first test case.  

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2. Blueprint Foundation Service

Whether your team includes experienced developers or QA Subject Matter Experts, our Blueprint Foundation Service is tailored to your team. With our solution, you can build, maintain, and execute a full suite of automated tests across web and mobile. The Blueprint Foundation Service provides 10 fully functional CI-ready automated test cases.

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3. Black Belt Program

The most successful automated testing teams share one common trait: an automation expert who understands the fundamental principles that ensure long-term success. Get daily access to an Automated Quality Solutions Architect or “Black Belt” who provides critical expertise for your team.

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4. Automation Acceleration

We know organizations are at different stages of maturity in their test automation journey. For many teams, resources are stretched thin — they don’t have the time or expertise in-house for dedicated test development or automation. Wherever you’re at, Perfecto can get you to your automation target rapidly, build automated test scripts and cases, and then hand off a sustainable testing strategy and practice to you that’s ready for CI.

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5. Health Check

The quality of your apps is intrinsically linked to the quality of your testing strategy.  This Perfecto Health Sheet is designed as a helpful guide to you and your team to ensure your testing is being run exactly as you need it to. Leveraging a Perfecto expert will give you a foundational understanding of how your current testing strategy is operating, where it can be improved or altered, and where you can trim the fat of wasted resources.


6. Training

Training for your team is one of the best investments you can make to build long-term, sustained success. Through our expert-led courses, you will develop working test cases, integrated reporting, and the knowledge and capabilities to maintain and build new automation scripts on your own. And as new team members come on board, this training accelerates their onboarding and productivity right away. 

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7. General Consulting Services

Remove barriers to your success and eliminate pain points by partnering with our professional services team. You can purchase a block of prepaid consulting hours and use them as you need them, or we can develop a scope of work for a targeted project or objective.

We can help you:

  • Improve your pass/fail rates.
  • Improve your automation rate.
  • Optimize and streamline your framework.
  • Move from manual to automated testing.
  • Bring CI/CD pipelines back to a healthy or connected state where needed.
  • Complete custom integrations with other applications and tools.
  • Review code and develop scripts to accelerate automation.
8. Advanced Support

One of the major benefits of partnering with Perfecto is feeling confident when testing is good and when testing may be experiencing some issues. When issues do arise — and they are largely inevitable in this line of work — you can leverage a Perfecto coder to assist you. Testing issues shouldn’t derail your testing strategy, and our Perfecto Advanced Support ensures they don’t.


“Perfecto’s tools and support are an important part of our mobile quality arsenal — helping us to deliver a superior user experience to our customers.”

— Ron Kozoman, Head of Mobile Operations
Thomson Reuters

Consulting Services — Key Benefits


Move faster, right from the start

Accelerate your ROI with expert implementation options for organizations of any size.


Save critical time, remove barriers

Solve challenges with flaky tests, high failure rates, or bugs. 


Adopt best practices, accelerate automation

From framework development to scripts that accelerate automation, we can help.

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Tap into the expertise of our professional services team today. 

Wherever you are on your journey with web and mobile testing, we are here to speed up project delivery, optimize outcomes, accelerate ROI, and ensure your long-term success.