Continuous Testing & Telco

For Telco teams, it’s all about providing the best possible service for customers. Top notch service is what users expect — and if their calls are dropped, if they’re out of network coverage, they’re going to find better service elsewhere.

Provide the best possible service with Perfecto — thanks to cloud-based continuous testing, automation, and network and services monitoring.

Continuous Testing Benefits for Telco


Increase Automation


Accelerate Testing


Mitigate Risk


Release Quickly


Stay Competitive


Satisfy Customers

Telecom Testing With Perfecto

Continuous testing is important. But it’s also difficult to pull off on your own. Here’s how Perfecto can help your team.

Real Devices & Live Networks

Automate testing on real mobile devices. Connect with the live networks you need to test. And do it all using a cloud-based testing lab.

Global Accessibility

Conduct your tests inside your network — whether you’re testing onshore or offshore. Testers in India can test on live networks in the US, thanks to our centralized cloud-based platform.

Unified Testing Solution

Create, execute, and analyze tests using a cloud-based lab. A unified solution, like Perfecto, is the best way to achieve continuous testing and accelerate your delivery.

Features That Matter for Telco Teams


Automated App Testing

Test pre-loaded apps and automate your processes to reduce the testing cycle.


Audio Testing

Ensure voice services work seamlessly on your network and across carriers with Perfecto’s voice quality, voice to text, and text to speech testing functions.


Wi-Fi Call Validation

Continuously test, validate, and monitor Wi-Fi calling for both iOS and Android.


Device Certification

Quickly test and certify newly released devices to ensure they work on your network prior to release.


Roaming Testing

Test, monitor, and continually support roaming services on globally dispersed devices.


Remote Access

Share a unified cloud of real mobile devices across different business units. Remotely access devices from anywhere.


RF Testing

Test network infrastructure and service changes in your RF chambers.


Production Network/Services Testing

Test your network and services in distributed systems with devices across regions and geographies.

How Perfecto Helps Telco Teams

See how Virgin Media achieved continuous testing and transformed mobile quality.

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