Key Features

Accessibility Testing

Automate accessibility testing in your existing test cycles for both web and mobile apps.

Advanced Authentication

Automate fingerprint and face ID, two-factor authentication, and SMS messaging.


Real User Conditions

Test conditions like your users' experience — like conflicting apps, location, network coverage, and more.

Image Injection

Automate the injection of images and audio to test things like check deposits and virtual assistants.

Geolocation/GPS Testing

Test the localization of web apps or GPS in mobile apps, so users can find bank branches and ATMs.

Advanced Reporting

Get faster feedback with test failure analysis, a CI dashboard, heatmaps, and root cause analysis.


Responsive Web Testing

Ensure that your apps work across all platforms with responsive web testing for web and mobile.

Real & Virtual Devices

Test mobile apps on both real and virtual platforms. Utilize simulators and emulators early in the cycle for faster testing.

Transactional Testing

Test and validate the movement of funds between accounts to ensure accurate and secure transactions.


“Perfecto is a good, mature tool that meets the needs for organizations’ mobile and web testing. Our overall experience has been great. It has allowed QA to meet the demand of the development teams to provide the needed testing.”

— David Kampschafer, Mobile & Cloud QA Lead

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Automate Your Critical Use Cases 

Automating these must-have cases is key for high-quality apps, fast software delivery, and satisfied customers.

Make appointments

Locate nearby branches/ATMs

Voice assistant

Online deposits

Card services (lock, activate, unlock)

Transactions, payments, bill payments

Update personal information

Block transactions, capture fraud


Check deposits

Register new devices to profile

Global travel enablement

Is Your App Ahead or Behind?

Compare your app against a global benchmark of financial services apps. Discover what it takes to meet rising standards for quality. Download this guide to learn: 

  • How the top 25 banking apps are performing.
  • Qualitative & quantitative user review analysis. 
  • Release cadences that are getting results. 
  • What kind of bugs are affecting users. 
  • Best practices for addressing quality issues. 


4 of the Top 5 Largest Banks Choose Perfecto  

With an average app store rating of 4.8, Perfecto customers create better digital app experiences.

Learn to Succeed In a Mobile-First World

According to PeerSpot user reviews, Perfecto offers financial services firms a unique solution to succeed in a mobile-first world. Download this paper to take a closer look at 5 distinct areas in which Perfecto helps financial services companies succeed:

  • Cross-platform and cross-device testing.
  • Reporting and analytics.
  • Support for open-source technologies.
  • Cost savings, time savings, and efficiency.
  • Improvements in software quality.


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