The Perfecto Smart Testing Platform

Take automated testing to the next level with Perfecto’s cloud-based continuous testing platform. From creation to execution and analysis, Perfecto has a proven, unified solution for your mobile and web testing needs.

Testing Lab

Fifteen percent of automated tests fail due to lab issues alone. Don’t let stability, network, or configuration issues get in the way. Instead, trust Perfecto’s Smart Testing Lab. Our cloud-based lab is an enterprise-grade, scalable, and secure solution to your digital testing needs. We’re proud to offer unrivaled stability due to our smart self-healing abilities. With thousands of real devices and browsers to test, we’re always on, always current, and we’re simply the best in the business.


mobile lab

Test Creation

Forty percent of automated tests fail because of scripting issues — it’s the leading cause of failed automation attempts. Whether you need help with test authoring, maintenance, management, validations, or debugging, Perfecto has a solution for you. With Perfecto, digital enterprises can automate advanced and hard-to-test business scenarios, like locations, Touch ID, and more. We integrate with your testing framework of choice — whether that’s Selenium, Appium, Espresso, or others — so you can build world-class automation that works and scales. And with ML-powered scripting, test creation is easy for non-coders.


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Test Execution

Think and test like your customers. Orchestrate large suites and execute across platforms for high velocity and parallel test execution with unlimited elastic scaling. Perfecto ensures your testing applies end-user conditions over real devices and desktop browsers. With Perfecto, you can simulate changes of network conditions (Wi-Fi, cellular), locations, device orientation, and more. Run as fast as you can with Perfecto — scalable and elastic cloud-based solutions provide you with unparalleled execution to hit tight DevOps release cycles.


test execution

Smart Analysis

Get an instant overview in a powerful management dashboard with Perfecto’s test reporting. From high-level heatmaps to detailed summaries, you’ll know exactly which tests passed or failed. You’ll identify bugs early and fix them faster with multi-step drill-down for fast triaging and detailed root cause analysis. With these insights, you’ll know exactly what needs immediate fixing and you’ll quickly identify quality and risk areas across all platforms. And ML algorithms reduce false red flags for noise reduction and increase context by identifying failure patterns and providing calls-for-action fixes.


Smart Analysis

Continuous Testing

Continuous testing gives you the ability to provide fast feedback – it’s fundamental to truly achieving DevOps. Unfortunately, many teams struggle because it requires alignment from all areas of the DevOps cycle — test creation, execution, analysis, and a strong cloud-based lab. These core elements rely upon each other. When one is missing, the entire DevOps process fails. Having a unified solution, like Perfecto, is the best way to achieve continuous testing and accelerate your DevOps pipeline. Remember, continuous testing is a journey – and Perfecto can help you get there.


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Mobile App Testing

Master mobile app testing on over 3000 real devices – not emulators – in our digital lab. Add real user conditions and use your favorite automation testing frameworks, like Appium or Quantum. Get fewer false negatives with AI-backed noise reduction algorithms. And beat the competition with same-day access for new releases and devices.

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Cross-Browser Testing

Boost test coverage with comprehensive cross-browser testing in the cloud. We’re proud to offer web app testing that’s over 50 percent faster than anyone else. Perfecto pairs perfectly with your most-loved automation frameworks, like Selenium. Developers can write their own Selenium scripts, or testers can use Perfecto’s codeless scripting. With Perfecto’s flexible business model, you can meet the needs of your team and execute tests quickly to accelerate your DevOps processes

Cross-Browser Testing

Your Success. Our Expertise.

We know testing. We’ve perfected testing. And we’re ready to help you overcome testing roadblocks that slow your DevOps down. You’ll receive a success plan that is aligned with your testing goals and based on automated testing best practices. Our consultative approach and blueprint to success mean you’re never alone on your testing journey – because your success is our success.


Mobile & Web Test Coverage Index

Your organization needs to conduct cross-platform testing for the entire digital market, including mobile, web, and IoT. Get all the resources you need to test on the most used phones, browsers, and operating systems.


Enterprise Grade Testing

The world’s largest companies rely on Perfecto to deliver superior digital experiences. Secure and scalable, Perfecto is designed to support large-scale organizations all over the world.

Testing Solutions

QA Managers

QA professionals use Perfecto to improve testing skills as part of the DevOps pipeline and reduce regression cycles from days to hours.

Automation Engineers

Automation engineers use Perfecto to increase test automation to over 90 percent and optimize DevOps for frequent releases.


Developers use Perfecto to reduce escaped defects with over 80 percent platform coverage and enhance brand quality for high-rated apps.

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