As vehicles continue to become more advanced in their use of technology, it is imperative that automotive companies keep up. The usability of a vehicle’s digital experience will form a user’s opinion of the vehicle as a whole — and, by extension, the manufacturer. 

Testing for mobile and web to provide an exceptional UX is incredibly important, especially to ensure a secure experience to put the user’s mind at ease. By leveraging Perfecto for your automotive software testing, you are partnering with the industry’s most trusted testing platform.


Key Features

Accessibility Testing

Automate accessibility testing in your existing test cycles for both web and mobile apps. 

Advanced Authentication

Automate fingerprint and face ID, two-factor authentication, and SMS messaging.


Real User Identification

Test conditions like your users’ experience — like conflicting apps, location, network coverage, and more.

Global Data Centers

Test on our devices across the globe (Perfecto also supports hybrid testing) to ensure quality apps everywhere your customers are.


Test the localization of web apps or GPS in mobile apps, so users can locate nearby dealers and other amenities.

Advanced Reporting

Get faster feedback with test failure analysis, a CI dashboard, heatmaps, and root cause analysis.

Real & Virtual Devices

Test mobile apps on both real and virtual platforms. Utilize simulators and emulators early in the cycle for faster testing.

Automotive App Tests Smarter With Perfecto

A large automotive company faced an increasingly growing backlog of software releases due to slow manual testing and limited testing staff. When they needed to do region-based testing, they would fly an employee with a suitcase full of devices to that region.

Now they enjoy the support of an enterprise-level, cloud hosted Mobile and Desktop Testing Platform, allowing teams to execute automated tests efficiently 24/7/365.

Automate Your Critical Use Cases

  • Schedule vehicle service appointments
  • Locate nearby auto dealers
  • Update personal information
  • Voice assistant
  • Online support & chatbots
  • Transactions, payments, bill payments
  • Lookup auto maintenance history
  • Remote engine start
  • Check auto diagnostics (fuel levels, oil life, tire pressure
Auto App

Try Testing With Perfecto

Vehicles continue to get more sophisticated by leveraging advancing technology. Ensure a seamless user experience with Perfecto’s automotive software testing. The person’s experience in the vehicle can make or break a potential customer for life. Why trust that relationship with anything but the best testing platform? 

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