Today, people are leveraging telehealth more than ever. Medical information is some of the most vital and sensitive data a person can possess. That means there is no room for error when it comes to your healthcare apps. 

Testing for mobile and web to provide an exceptional UX is incredibly important, especially to ensure a secure experience to put the user’s mind at ease. By leveraging Perfecto for your healthcare software testing, you are partnering with the industry’s most trusted testing platform. 

Key Features

Accessibility Testing

Automate accessibility testing in your existing test cycles for both web and mobile apps. 

Advanced Authentication

Automate fingerprint and face ID, two-factor authentication, and SMS messaging.


Real User Identification

Test conditions like your users’ experience — like conflicting apps, location, network coverage, and more.

Image Injection

Upload images for virtual diagnosis, insurance card verification, and more.


Test the localization of web apps or GPS in mobile apps, so users can find providers, hospitals, and clinics.

Advanced Reporting

Get faster feedback with test failure analysis, a CI dashboard, heatmaps, and root cause analysis.

Real & Virtual Devices

Test mobile apps on both real and virtual platforms. Utilize simulators and emulators early in the cycle for faster testing.

Healthcare App Tests Smarter With Perfecto

 “The online training was a big plus for our team of manual testers. The team had smooth sailing after the three-day training and saw a tremendous improvement with the release cycles.”

- Director of QA, Leading HealthCare Firm 

Providing Unmatched Speed & Agility
After 6 years using Perfecto, we saw increased mobile device coverage of 342%.

- IT Quality Control Advisor at health insurance provider 

“The Perfecto support team is so responsive, and they provide a quick turnaround.”

- IT Quality Control Advisor at health insurance provider 

"In ongoing evaluations, Perfecto always delivers a strong solution and fulfills what we need."

- IT Quality Control Advisor at health insurance provider 

Automate Your Critical Use Cases

  • Medical requests & inquiries
  • Upload images for virtual diagnosis & insurance verification
  • Make appointments
  • Locate nearby providers, hospitals, clinics
  • Update personal information
  • Voice assistant
  • Online support & chatbots
  • Transactions, payments, bill payments
  • Medical record lookups
  • Insurance claims processing
Image Test Authoring Maintenance Users

Try Testing With Perfecto

In today’s age, your healthcare app is a crucial link between customers and patients. The confidence felt in the organization and its digital application are intrinsically linked. Why trust that link with anything but the best testing platform? 

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