March 23, 2022

Mobile App Testing With Shipbook & Perfecto


Digital transformation is here. Every user expects to be able to access an application from any kind of devices: Browser, iOS, Android phone, or tablets. It is necessary to expand the testing coverage to include more mobile devices with the latest versions.  

This is not an easy task. 

In this blog we will cover the challenges with mobile app testing and how Perfecto and Shipbook can solve this problem.

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Challenges Within Mobile App Testing 

All testing environments should be available for different types of testing including manual, automation, functional, performance, and more. Environments should be available for different personas and different phases of the software development lifecycle. 

In this complex ecosystem, “fix earlier” is more true than ever.  

It is harder to fix issues, such as product approaches, at the end of the development life cycle. The earlier bugs are introduced (e.g., during the design phase), the higher their potential impact and the more complex they can be to resolve. The changes made for a bug fix can also affect the application’s functionality. In turn, developers may need to make further changes to the codebase, adding to the cost, time, and effort. So, it’s important to find and fix bugs during the early stages of development. Detecting issues quickly should be standard across mobile apps and devices, and with a larger scale of devices and OS versions. 

The Shipbook Solution 

Shipbook’s mission is to develop the best solution for analyzing mobile application logs. The solution gives teams the power to view and search logs according to log severity, OS version, app version, device type, and/or language among many other parameters. With Shipbook, you get an overview of system metrics including log errors and usage per app version over time. The unique algorithm detects recurring anomalies and sends alerts straight to you and your dev team.  

Paired with Perfecto’s powerful platform, Shipbook can help you solve the most difficult quality challenges in mobile testing for customers like you. 

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Perfecto & Shipbook For Developers & SDETs 

High quality software is critical for development teams today. Especially for teams developing safety-critical systems. When code is low quality, it introduces safety or security risks. If software fails — due to a security violation or safety flaw — the results can be catastrophic or fatal. 

A manual tester, an automated engineer, and a developer need to know if an error is happening during their testing session. To achieve this, teams need to leverage functional testing to improve code quality. 

All the stakeholders should know if this error is something new or if it has been happening since a recent commit. Beyond the basics, stakeholders should know if this error is happening on a specific version or device or multiple.  

With Shipbook, Perfecto customers can easily find all this information. A manual or automated test on an application packaged with the Shipbook will push logs to the server.  

All the logged activities on the application are reflected in the Shipbook logbook as well. 

During a login attempt, an error is logged and once again full traceability of the error. A manual tester can find a qualified defect with crucial information with ease and send the information to a developer.   

With Shipbook, it is easy to find answers to critical questions like: What errors occur during tests? When do these errors occur? On which devices? Just by using the Shipbook search param combinations: User ID, device type, app version, log message text, a developer can find the information they need. The Shipbook usage will improve the code quality during the development lifecycle. It also allows customers to monitor the real time log activities in production.  

Bottom Line  

In short, Shipbook and Perfecto help you detect issues before your users do. Shipbook makes analyzing tests with Perfecto even better. Start a free trial or get a 1:1 custom demo and discover what Shipbook and Perfecto can do for your team.  

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