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August 24, 2020

10 Reasons to Attend DevOps Next

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Introducing DevOps Next, the free half-day conference by and for DevOps teams!

We hope you join us virtually on Wednesday, September 30th. The day will be dedicated to examining the challenges of DevOps today, and how evolving smart technologies can improve tomorrow’s testing, coding, and DevOps productivity.

Attendees can select from sessions across 3 tracks, connect with presenters via live chat, and participate in important discussions with peers.

Need some convincing? Here are 10 reasons to attend DevOps Next.

10 Reasons to Attend DevOps Next

1. It’s Meant for People Like You

DevOps Next is a collaboration of DevOps leaders. And it’s ideal for someone like you, including practitioners, execs, management, and more across the testing and dev space.

2. There’s 3 Tracks to Pick From

Tune in for a single session or stick around all day if your schedule allows!

You can mix and match sessions to attend what interests you, or just follow one of our three tracks:

  1. Testing Tools: An introduction to AI/ML in software testing tools.
  2. Continuous Testing: Practices and use cases in continuous testing leveraging AI and ML.
  3. DevOps & Code: Maturing code quality and DevOps teams productivity using AI and ML.

3. It’s 100% Free

That’s right, the whole day-long event is entirely FREE!

4. It’s a Big Lineup

DevOps Next is by and for DevOps professionals. And the agenda is packed with industry-leading experts across development, testing, AI, ML, and more.

Here are some speakers that you can see at DevOps Next, just to name a few:

  • Tariq King — Tariq is the Chief Scientist at He has over 15 years of experience in software engineering and testing and has formerly held positions as Head of Quality, Director of Quality Engineering, Manager of Software Engineering, and Test Architect.
  • Jonathon Wright — Jonathan is the CTO of Digital-Assured. He specializes in emerging technologies, innovation, and automation and combines his extensive experience and leadership with insights into real-world adoption of Cognitive Engineering.
  • Thomas Haver — Thomas is presently the Manager for Validation and Delivery, leading a team of testers, ops engineers, and production support analysts in the adoption of DevOps practices. Previously, he led the enterprise automation support of 73 applications at Huntington National Bank that encompassed testing, metrics and reporting, and data management.
  • Justin Reock — Justin is the Chief Architect at OpenLogic. He has over 20 years of experience working in various software roles and is an outspoken free software evangelist, delivering enterprise solutions and community education on databases, integration work, architecture, and technical leadership.
  • Eran Kinsbruner — Eran is Chief Evangelist and Product Manager at Perfecto. He is a development and testing professional with over 20 years of experience at companies such as Sun Microsystems, Neustar, Texas Instruments, and General Electric. He is also the author of the 2016 Amazon bestseller, “The Digital Quality Handbook,” and “Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals.”

5. Networking With Your Peers

DevOps Next is an important networking opportunity. And let’s face it, you probably haven’t had many chances for networking in 2020.

Join your peers in important discussions on the future of DevOps, and interact with leaders from across DevOps in our chats.

6. Sessions Ranging From Practical Advice to Forward-Thinking Talks

There’s going to be some really compelling sessions — everything from forward-thinking visionary talks to practical advice to implement today across dev, testing, and more.

Attend sessions like:

  • Advancing the State of The Art in AI and Testing
  • Classification of Advanced AI and ML Testing Tools
  • The Rise and Benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Automated Code Reviews With AI and ML
  • Cognitive Engineering – Shifting Right With Gated.AI Testing
  • How Does AIOps Benefit DevOps Pipeline and Software Quality?
  • What’s Next in DevOps With AI/ML?

See full DevOps Next agenda >>

7. Big Book Reveal!

DevOps Next coincides with the release of the highly-anticipated third book from best-selling author and industry thought leader, Eran Kinsbruner: “Accelerating Software Quality: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the Age of DevOps.”

Written by Eran along with over 20 DevOps leaders, the book covers:

  • The fundamentals of AI and ML in software development and testing.
  • Practical advice and recommendations for using AI/ML-based solutions within software development activities.
  • More advanced and future-focused angles of AI and ML with projections and unique use cases.
  • And much more!

Pre-order book here >>

8. Convenient, Safe, & Entirely Virtual

DevOps Next is all virtual, which means you can access all the sessions and resources from the safety and comfort of your own home!

9. These Speakers Want to See You There!

Take a look at what these industry leaders have to say.

10. Giveaways

Eran will be signing and giving away copies of his brand new book, “Accelerating DevOps Quality.” Get a signed copy sent straight to your front door, and be one of the first to read this new release.

We Hope to See You There

Register for DevOps Next today — and we’ll “see” you there on September 30th!