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July 11, 2022

Need a DeviceAnywhere Replacement? Perfecto is Your Solution for Global SMS Testing and More

Mobile Application Testing

Need a DeviceAnywhere replacement?

If you’ve been impacted by the EOL of DeviceAnywhere and are searching for a global MMS or SMS testing solution for your mobile applications, Perfecto can help. 

Perfecto is a stable and secure mobile app testing solution that allows you to test a variety of use cases (including SMS testing and MMS testing), scale your testing efforts and achieve unparalleled coverage across devices and global mobile carriers. 

Learn why Perfecto is not only a suitable DeviceAnywhere replacement, but also a superior, private-cloud solution to help you achieve greater coverage and scale and ensure quality for your SMS and MMS use cases.

What is SMS Testing?

One of the most common forms of sending messages between mobile devices is with Short Message Service (SMS). Brands leveraging SMS to communicate should be certain it is working how they intend. SMS testing is the practice of ensuring messages are showing up as they should and when they should. SMS testing verifies messages are delivered properly in time-sensitive situations — this includes banking transactions, one-time passwords for authentication, and appointment confirmations.

MMS and SMS Testing Challenges for Remote Teams

We understand how important it is for you to ensure that your text messages are executing properly with various carriers and rendering correctly on a multitude of mobile devices. With more and more companies adopting distributed or remote working, you need a solution that can help you continue your mobile testing seamlessly.

If you have previously relied on SMS or MMS testing using DeviceAnywhere’s public cloud devices with installed SIM cards, you may have some concerns — especially if you don’t have employees or devices physically located in a particular region where you want to test SMS or MMS features.

Additionally, it’s not feasible for distributed testing teams to purchase devices in every location, install SIM cards in every device, and ensure every device is updated and operating on the latest OS versions. That’s where Perfecto comes in.

Perfecto Has You Covered For SMS Testing

Perfecto Has the Broadest Mobile Carrier Coverage 

Perfecto has the broadest carrier coverage, supporting most of the global carriers you depend on. We are also the only lab vendor with flexible deployment, including six global data centers and local deployments.  

Take a look at some of the major carriers we support: 

  • US: AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon 
  • Canada: Bell, Rogers
various cellular carriers

Coverage With Perfecto’s Powerful Mobile Device Lab 

With Perfecto’s enterprise-grade lab, you can test your mobile use cases (such as SMS and MMS testing) across thousands of real and virtual devices and OS combinations across the globe. We also offer launch-date access to the latest and greatest devices. 

Get the coverage you need without having to worry about device management—we handle the maintenance to ensure that our cloud-based lab is secure, stable and always available for your team. 

And if you need web testing? We provide comprehensive support for that too. 

devices available in Perfecto device lab

Test More—Faster: Scaling Your SMS Testing With Perfecto 

With Perfecto, you can do more testing in less time. Perfecto’s enterprise cloud-based lab allows elastic scaling, so you can run large test suites in a fraction of the time by running multiple tests in parallel. Instead of running tests one at a time, parallel testing allows you to execute multiple tests at the same time across different platforms. 

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Find and Fix Issues Faster With Smart Reporting 

Within Perfecto’s unified platform, you have full access to our AI & ML-powered reporting and analytics features. We offer visual validation, rich artifacts (such as videos, screenshots, crash logs, vitals and more) and root cause analysis so you can identify issues quickly, drill-down into specific failure reasons, and resolve them. 

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Flexible Testing to Meet Your Needs 

We understand that moving off DeviceAnywhere’s platform and their proprietary framework is a challenging transition for your team. Perfecto offers various testing methods to meet your needs depending on the skillsets of your team. With Perfecto, you can create your tests manually, or in an automated fashion. We support major test automation frameworks such as Appium, Espresso, XCUITest, Flutter, behavior-driven development (BDD) and many more

Continue Your SMS Testing 

With DeviceAnywhere no longer being supported, it’s important to find a DeviceAnywhere replacement to continue your momentum with testing your SMS/MMS use cases and so much more. Sign up for a free 14-day trial of Perfecto today or request a 1:1 demo with one of our experts so we can learn more about your mobile testing needs. 

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