5 Things to Look for in an Enterprise-Grade Codeless Testing Solution
July 24, 2019

5 Things to Look for in Enterprise-Grade Codeless Platforms for Testing

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If you’re intrigued by codeless platforms for testing, listen up.

This relatively new technology is changing the testing landscape. It’s exciting and can offer a number of benefits — especially for large-scale teams.

Perfecto Scriptless Mobile is an enterprise-grade codeless platform for test automation that allows everyone to partake in test creation — not just team members with coding abilities. What’s more, Perfecto Scriptless Mobile automates even the most complex native use cases, freeing up more time for product development and innovation.

If you’re interested in codeless platforms for testing, you need a solution that can support your team. When you’re examining your options, look for the following features in a codeless platform to find the best option for you.

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Top 5 Things to Look For in Codeless Platform

1. Smart AI and ML Technology

If you are researching codeless platforms, you’ll want to find one that is smart.

Compared to Perfecto Scriptless Mobile, codeless platforms are less mature since they are quite new in the market. But, the advantage with codeless is that these tools are powered by emerging technologies — especially artificial intelligence and machine learning.

These capabilities make it possible to automatically self-correct errors in code and complement testing areas. 

AI technology allows codeless automation testing tools to be self-healing. This means that updates and changes to test scripts are made agonistically. Scripts can continuously run and fix themselves without disrupting operations.

Thanks to AI, codeless testing tools can also learn the website DOM object tree. This means that any changes to objects are caught by the tool and can be resolved in the background. And, this is all done without any impact to ongoing test executions.

2. Scalability

Codeless testing needs scalable solutions.

For teams that are spread across the globe, managing a Selenium grid locally when a new browser version is being released on a monthly basis is close to impossible, as they tend to be unreliable and incredibly expensive. Even worse, it’s slow and will delay your test executions.

The better choice for enterprises is codeless platform that integrates seamlessly into a Selenium grid as a service — especially one that will scale as you grow. An enterprise-grade codeless testing solution needs to be scalable in order to provide the test coverage and capacity you’ll need.

3. Cloud-Based

Codeless test automation is typically done with on-premise technologies, meaning legacy codeless solutions are downloadable software development kit (SDK) solutions.

But, this creates a huge headache for individuals using the technology and IT — who manage software versions to ensure the solutions are properly installed and up to date.

Codeless automation testing can be done locally using the UI itself, through a cloud-based solution with built-in integrations to CI servers (such as Jenkins and TeamCity), or other schedulers. But, enterprises should opt for a cloud-based codeless testing solution, as the cloud provides many benefits for large-scale teams.

The cloud serves as a single hub that manages all DevOps activities (such as testing and monitoring) from development through the CI pipeline. Having a cloud-based system fosters collaboration, and it boosts security — especially compared to an on-premise solution. This is especially beneficial, as local software installation that runs on a test engineer desktop lacks the necessary level of test data security given — preventing teams from meeting strict requirements.

And, a cloud-based solution makes it accessible and scalable to your entire team as it grows.

Cloud services enjoy the unlimited scalability of thousands of on-demand desktop VMs and mobile devices. And, with zero setup required, it enables teams to meet strict project timeline requirements and testing coverage.

4. Uncompromised Speed

With an enterprise-grade codeless platform for testing, you should not sacrifice speed.

Fortunately, with a cloud computing solution, you can enjoy the benefits of strong machines, a robust infrastructure, and reliable networking. These all work together to boost test automation execution time and performance significantly.

Cloud-based solutions also offer easy access to platforms in various geographies via globally-distributed data centers.

This is something that contributes to the performance and speed of testing. Local solutions fall short in supporting multiple geographies that are, in many cases, a must in web and mobile testing.

5. Robust Reporting & Analytics

As with any test automation, you need insights into how your tests perform. DevOps teams need fast feedback — so, you’ll want the same for your codeless test automation.

If you’ve been piecing together analytics in the past, a DIY solution won’t cut it for codeless testing. It’s too slow — preventing you from having up-to-date data.

Avoid the lag by selecting a codeless testing solution with built-in analytics — like Perfecto’s test reporting. You’ll get a quick, yet comprehensive overview of the quality as well as risk areas of your app, across all platforms. And, this fast feedback can help you accelerate your entire testing process.

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Bottom Line

If you’re on the hunt for the best enterprise-grade codeless platform for testing, look no further than Scriptless Mobile by Perfecto.

Perfecto Scriptless Mobile is a cloud-based, enterprise-grade solution that’s smart, secure, and is user-friendly enough that even non-technical and business users can move from manual to automated testing faster. It comes with the fast feedback you need — including detailed test reports, high-level heatmaps, and more. And, it’s all based out of Perfecto’s industry-leading cloud-based lab that’s always on and always up to date.

Streamline your testing experience with Perfecto Scriptless Mobile by starting a free trial today.



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