Image Blog 2018 Testing Progressive Web Apps Part 3
June 11, 2018

Your Guide to PWA Tests & PWA Framework

Progressive Web Applications

The PWA framework (progressive web app framework) is growing in popularity. And it's important to consider how you'll test your PWA framework. In this blog, you'll learn the basics for testing PWAs.

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Why PWA Tests Are Important for PWA Framework

“Always be testing on real world hardware”

~ Owen Campbell-Moore, @owencm -- From the article: Designing Great UIs for Progressive Web Apps

In our recent webinar, we took a look at some of the issues related to testing PWAs. We offered a full testing strategy consisting of 6 pillars.

In addition, we specifically highlighted the various options and differences for testing web apps as they relate to iOS and Android. The PWA framework for iOS and Android are implemented and “installed” differently on each platform, making their test automation activities different.

For Android, an APK file is installed on the device. On iOS, a light version of the Safari web browser-based app is installed. Due to unique app characteristics on each platform, a standard Appium approach — as well as other common test frameworks — fails to identify their app objects, to launch them, and to handle other typical mobile scenarios.

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How to Test PWA Framework on Mobile OS

There are two methods you can use to test PWAs on mobile OS.

PWA Test Method #1: Visual-Based Testing Across iOS and Android

You can use visual-based testing across iOS and Android to test your PWA app.


PWA Web Testing android 1

PWA Test Method #2: Unique Mobile Native Commands

Mobile native commands support the PWA framework. You can use them to test your PWA app.

PWA Mobile Native Command 1
PWA Mobile Native Command 2

A survey that was conducted during the webinar. It seems clear that curiosity in the market is ramping up and people are starting to explore the emerging PWA technology. Given that PWAs are on the rise, having the know-how and tools to develop, debug, and test these apps is obviously a key to success. PWA tests will need to be executed to ensure seamless user experiences.

PWA Survey Results
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Use the PWA Framework With Perfecto

Many organizations are either shifting their current responsive web apps to a PWA framework or considering making the change in the near future.

Like all apps, PWAs need to be thoroughly tested. A PWA test ensures that users get exceptional digital experiences.

Perfecto can help you test PWAs. With Perfecto, you can:

  • Automate more tests.
  • Boost test coverage.
  • Scale with parallel testing.
  • Accelerate faster than ever.

Try the world's only end-to-end continuous testing platform for yourself. Get your free trial today.



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