Bank Reduces Testing from 3 Days to 35 Minutes

A leading U.S. bank accelerated its testing and adopted best practices, thanks to automated parallel testing with Perfecto.

Benefits of Using Perfecto:


Reduced testing from 3 days to 35 minutes.


Better seamlessness between desktop, web, and mobile.


The ability to run multiple desktop VMs and mobile devices.

Challenge: Shifting to Automated Testing

The bank’s goal was to build a high-quality app that could adapt to their growing demands. However, the bank faced challenges that prevented them from reaching this goal on their own. 

Their mobile app development strategy was in its infancy, and the QA team was manual. In 2017, the bank partnered with outside developers and offshore testers. The partnership brought problems, including security compliance and time constraints. 

After a thorough search, the bank turned to Perfecto for their testing automation needs. 

Perfecto is a good, mature tool that meets the organization's for mobile and web testing. Our overall experience has been great. It has allowed QA to meet the demand of the development teams to provide the needed results.

-David Kampschafer, Mobile & Cloud QA Lead

Results: Develop Faster, Test Faster

Partnering with Perfecto, the bank significantly reduced build times. The bank reduced their testing from 3 days to 35 minutes with automated testing. Team collaboration and release quality have improved. Testing is no longer a bottleneck. Now the bank has a consistent experience across its web and mobile apps.

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